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Prison Dog
Prison Dog.png
Type Collector’s Pet
Breed Alsatian
Set Eternal Freedom
Shop Pirate Emporium
Cost 649 Ancient Coins

The Prison Dog is a Collector’s Pet cosmetic variant from the Eternal Freedom Set.


The Prison Dog can be obtained by the following methods:

In-game description

"A faithful pet who always seems to sit just out of reach. Keeps your brig locked up nice and tight."



  • The Prison Dog is governed by the terms of Disney's license to Microsoft and is subject to the related Terms of Sale


  • The Prison Dog is a reference to the Prison Dog from Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean film series and theme park ride.
  • Given that pets can be renamed in the game, the Prison Dog can be renamed to "Poochie", a name given to the Prison Dog by Pintel.

Patch history[]