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Promotions are Titles offered to players by Trading Companies based on their Reputation in Sea of Thieves.


Promotions are offered for purchase by Trading Company Representatives once a Player Pirate has acquired a certain amount of Reputation with the Company. Generally Promotions can be bought after every 5 or 10 Reputation Ranks with a Company. Reputation is earned through selling Treasure to Company Representatives, completing Commendations for the Company or lowering high Emissary Grade Emissary Flags.

Purchasing Promotions gives Players access to Promotion Titles, more valuable Voyages, Thematic Cosmetics, and eventually the Title of Pirate Legend. Once a Player has achieved the Rank 50 Promotion of three Trading Companies, they will be able to become a Pirate Legend and gain access to the Athena's Fortune Hideout with the help of the Mysterious Stranger.


Gold Hoarders Promotions[]

The following is a table of all the Gold Hoarders Promotions and the Items that are unlocked for purchase:

Rank Promotion Name Cost Item Unlocked Cost Voyage Cost
5 Gold Picaroon 100 Gold.png Measly Hoarder Shovel 1,000 Gold.png 20 Gold.png
10 Gold Bucko 200 Gold.png Lowly Hoarder Compass 1,000 Gold.png 40 Gold.png
15 Gold Swabbie 300 Gold.png

Notable Hoarder Shovel
Gold Hoarders Emissary Flag
Gold Hoarders Costume

2,000 Gold.png
20,000 Gold.png
68,300 Gold.png

60 Gold.png
20 Gold Hauler 400 Gold.png Prominent Hoarder Compass 2,000 Gold.png 80 Gold.png
25 Gold Buccaneer 500 Gold.png Renowned Hoarder Shovel 3,000 Gold.png 100 Gold.png
30 Gold Seadog 600 Gold.png Famed Hoarder Compass 3,000 Gold.png 120 Gold.png
35 Gold Magnate 700 Gold.png Esteemed Hoarder Shovel 4,000 Gold.png 140 Gold.png
40 Gold Captain 800 Gold.png Revered Hoarder Compass 4,000 Gold.png 160 Gold.png
45 Gold Sovereign 900 Gold.png Notorious Hoarder Shovel 5,000 Gold.png 180 Gold.png
50 Master Gold Hoarder 1,000 Gold.png Legendary Hoarder Compass 5,000 Gold.png 200 Gold.png
55 Glittering Gold Hoarder 17,450 Gold.png Gold Hoarders Capstan 69,550 Gold.png
60 Gleaming Gold Hoarder 21,400 Gold.png Gold Hoarders Cannons 69,550 Gold.png
65 Shining Gold Hoarder 25,350 Gold.png Gold Hoarders Wheel 69,550 Gold.png
70 Radiant Gold Hoarder 29,300 Gold.png

Gold Hoarders Hull
Gold Hoarders Flag

69,550 Gold.png
2,500 Gold.png

75 Lustrous Gold Hoarder 33,250 Gold.png

Gold Hoarders Figurehead
Gold Hoarders Sails

69,550 Gold.png
69,550 Gold.png

Order of Souls Promotions[]

The following is a table of all the Order of Souls Promotions and the Items that are unlocked for purchase:

Rank Promotion Name Cost Item Unlocked Cost Voyage Cost
5 Mystic Follower 100 Gold.png Lowly Souls Tankard 1,000 Gold.png 20 Gold.png
10 Mystic Associate 200 Gold.png Measly Souls Lantern 1,000 Gold.png 40 Gold.png
15 Mystic Apprentice 300 Gold.png

Prominent Souls Tankard
Order of Souls Emissary Flag
Order of Souls Costume

2,000 Gold.png
20,000 Gold.png
68,300 Gold.png

60 Gold.png
20 Mystic Acolyte 400 Gold.png Notable Souls Lantern 2,000 Gold.png 80 Gold.png
25 Mystic Mercenary 500 Gold.png Famed Souls Tankard 3,000 Gold.png 100 Gold.png
30 Mystic Hunter 600 Gold.png Renowned Souls Lantern 3,000 Gold.png 120 Gold.png
35 Mystic Chief 700 Gold.png Revered Souls Tankard 4,000 Gold.png 140 Gold.png
40 Mystic Captain 800 Gold.png Esteemed Souls Lantern 4,000 Gold.png 160 Gold.png
45 Mystic Grandee 900 Gold.png Legendary Souls Tankard 5,000 Gold.png 180 Gold.png
50 Master of the Order 1,000 Gold.png Notorious Souls Lantern 5,000 Gold.png 200 Gold.png
55 Enchanter of the Order 17,450 Gold.png Order of Souls Capstan 69,550 Gold.png
60 Conjurer of the Order 21,400 Gold.png Order of Souls Cannons 69,550 Gold.png
65 Seer of the Order 25,350 Gold.png Order of Souls Wheel 69,550 Gold.png
70 Sage of the Order 29,300 Gold.png

Order of Souls Hull
Order of Souls Flag

69,550 Gold.png
2,500 Gold.png

75 Magus of the Order 33,250 Gold.png

Order of Souls Figurehead
Order of Souls Sails

69,550 Gold.png
69,550 Gold.png

Merchant Alliance Promotions[]

The following is a table of all the Merchant Alliance Promotions and the Items that are unlocked for purchase:

Rank Promotion Name Cost Item Unlocked Cost Voyage Cost
5 Merchant Sailor 100 Gold.png Lowly Merchant Watch 1,000 Gold.png 20 Gold.png
10 Merchant Mariner 200 Gold.png Measly Merchant Spyglass 1,000 Gold.png 40 Gold.png
15 Merchant Cadet 300 Gold.png

Prominent Merchant Watch
Merchant Alliance Emissary Flag
Merchant Alliance Costume

2,000 Gold.png
20,000 Gold.png
68,300 Gold.png

60 Gold.png
20 Merchant Bosun 400 Gold.png Notable Merchant Spyglass 2,000 Gold.png 80 Gold.png
25 Merchant Officer 500 Gold.png Famed Merchant Watch 3,000 Gold.png 100 Gold.png
30 Merchant Lieutenant 600 Gold.png Renowned Merchant Spyglass 3,000 Gold.png 120 Gold.png
35 Merchant Commander 700 Gold.png Revered Merchant Watch 4,000 Gold.png 140 Gold.png
40 Merchant Captain 800 Gold.png Esteemed Merchant Spyglass 4,000 Gold.png 160 Gold.png
45 Merchant Admiral 900 Gold.png Legendary Merchant Watch 5,000 Gold.png 180 Gold.png
50 Merchant Master 1,000 Gold.png Notorious Merchant Spyglass 5,000 Gold.png 200 Gold.png
55 Enterprising Merchant 17,450 Gold.png Merchant Alliance Capstan 69,550 Gold.png
60 Industrious Merchant 21,400 Gold.png Merchant Alliance Cannons 69,550 Gold.png
65 Prosperous Merchant 25,350 Gold.png Merchant Alliance Wheel 69,550 Gold.png
70 Esteemed Merchant 29,300 Gold.png

Merchant Alliance Hull
Merchant Alliance Flag

69,550 Gold.png
2,500 Gold.png

75 Eminent Merchant 33,250 Gold.png

Merchant Alliance Figurehead
Merchant Alliance Sails

69,550 Gold.png
69,550 Gold.png

Reaper's Bones Promotions[]

The following is a table of all the Reaper's Bones Promotions and the Items that are unlocked for purchase:

Rank Promotion Name Cost Item Unlocked Cost
5 Follower of the Flame 1,350 Gold.png Measly Reaper Cannons 4,635 Gold.png
10 Devotee of the Flame 2,700 Gold.png Lowly Reaper Figurehead 4,635 Gold.png
15 Servant of the Flame 4,050 Gold.png Notable Reaper Cannons 9,270 Gold.png
20 Bearer of the Flame 5,400 Gold.png Prominent Reaper Figurehead 9,270 Gold.png
25 Keeper of the Flame 6,750 Gold.png Renowned Reaper Cannons 13,905 Gold.png
30 Steward of the Flame 8,100 Gold.png Famed Reaper Figurehead 13,905 Gold.png
35 Disciple of the Flame 9,450 Gold.png Esteemed Reaper Cannons 18,540 Gold.png
40 Warden of the Flame 10,800‬ Gold.png Revered Reaper Figurehead 18,540 Gold.png
45 Luminary of the Flame 12,150‬ Gold.png Notorious Reaper Cannons 37,080 Gold.png
50 Master of the Flame 13,500‬ Gold.png Legendary Reaper Figurehead 37,080 Gold.png
55 Bringer of the Flame 17,450 Gold.png Reaper’s Bones Flag 2,500 Gold.png
60 Exemplar of the Flame 21,400 Gold.png Reaper’s Bones Capstan 69,550 Gold.png
65 Defender of the Flame 25,350 Gold.png Reaper’s Bones Wheel 69,550 Gold.png
70 Guardian of the Flame 29,300 Gold.png Reaper’s Bones Hull 69,550 Gold.png
75 Champion of the Flame 33,250 Gold.png Reaper’s Bones Sails 69,550 Gold.png

The Hunter's Call Promotions[]

The following is a table of all The Hunter's Call Promotions and the Items that are unlocked for purchase:

Rank Promotion Name Cost Item Unlocked Cost Description
5 Fledgling Hunter 100 Gold.png The Killer Whale Fishing Rod 700 Gold.png As a Fledgling Hunter, you’ve proven that you can just about fend for yourself and maybe even tie your own bootlaces.
10 Acclimatized Hunter 200 Gold.png The Killer Whale Tankard 700 Gold.png As an Acclimatized Hunter, you know how to fish, hunt and cook, putting your days of banana dependency behind you.
15 Tempered Hunter 300 Gold.png The Killer Whale Lantern 1,400 Gold.png As a Tempered Hunter, you’ve impressed us. Now’s the time to start seeking out bigger prey, befitting your skills.
20 Weathered Hunter 400 Gold.png The Killer Whale Flag 1,400 Gold.png As a Weathered Hunter, you clearly know your Wreckers from your Islehoppers – and which one tastes best with mango.
25 Seasoned Hunter 500 Gold.png The Killer Whale Hull 2,100 Gold.png As a Seasoned Hunter, you’ve proven that you can kill and cook most of the creatures of the Sea of Thieves, sometimes without getting sick.
30 Rugged Hunter 600 Gold.png The Killer Whale Sails 2,100 Gold.png As a Rugged Hunter, you are one of our best cooks. Don’t be surprised if Merrick calls around for supper.
35 Toughened Hunter 700 Gold.png The Killer Whale Capstan 2,800 Gold.png As a Toughened Hunter, other members of The Hunter’s Call will look up to you and learn from your perfect fishing technique.
40 Hardened Hunter 800 Gold.png The Killer Whale Wheel 2,800 Gold.png As a Hardened Hunter, even a Kraken is fair game for your hunts – and for your dinner table.
45 Barnacled Hunter 900 Gold.png The Killer Whale Cannon 3,500 Gold.png As a Barnacled Hunter, you’ve made The Hunter’s Call proud with exquisite dishes fit for the Pirate Lord himself!
50 Master Hunter 1,000 Gold.png The Killer Whale Figurehead 3,500 Gold.png As a Master Hunter, you’re among the best that the Sea of Thieves has ever seen! When your stomach rumbles, nature trembles.

Sea Dogs Promotions[]

The following is a table of all Sea Dogs Promotions and the Items that are unlocked for purchase:

Rank Promotion Level Cost Rank Description Upgradeable Weapons Item Cost Ship Cosmetics Item Cost
5 Arena Pup 100 Gold.png As an Arena Pup, you'll have to stop playing around and chase some more victories! Measly Sea Dog Cutlass 1,000 Gold.png Glorious Sea Dog Sail 69,950 Gold.png
10 Arena Mutt 200 Gold.png As an Arena Mutt, you're beginning to get noticed. Dig up some more victories and further glory awaits! Lowly Sea Dog Blunderbuss 1,000 Gold.png Glorious Sea Dog Hull 69,950 Gold.png
15 Arena Terrier 300 Gold.png As an Arena Terrier, you're starting to shape up, but you need to sniff out further glory! Notable Sea Dog Cutlass 2,000 Gold.png
20 Arena Fox 400 Gold.png As an Arena Fox, you've made your mark. Keep up that dogged determination and seize more victories! Prominent Sea Dog Blunderbuss 2,000 Gold.png Glorious Sea Dog Capstan 69,950 Gold.png
25 Arena Hound 500 Gold.png As an Arena Hound, keep gnawing away and glory shall be yours! Renowned Sea Dog Cutlass 3,000 Gold.png
30 Arena Bulldog 600 Gold.png As an Arena Bulldog, you'll need to dig up some more victories to win more glory! Famed Sea Dog Blunderbuss 3,000 Gold.png Glorious Sea Dog Wheel 69,950 Gold.png
35 Arena Jackal 700 Gold.png As an Arena Jackal, your fame is starting to spread. Hunt down some more victories! Esteemed Sea Dog Cutlass 4,000 Gold.png
40 Arena Coyote 800 Gold.png As an Arena Coyote, glory is before you. Fetch your weapon and continue to victory! Revered Sea Dog Blunderbuss 4,000 Gold.png Glorious Sea Dog Cannon 69,950 Gold.png
45 Arena Wolf 900 Gold.png As an Arena Wolf, your fame goes before you. Keep one paw on your weapon and the Sea Dogs will be proud of you! Notorious Sea Dog Cutlass 5,000 Gold.png
50 Arena Master 1,000 Gold.png As an Arena Master, you can count yourself amongst the finest of the Sea Dogs! May your battles be forever bathed in glory! Legendary Sea Dog Blunderbuss 5,000 Gold.png Glorious Sea Dog Figurehead 69,950 Gold.png

Athena's Fortune Promotions[]

The following are the Promotions available for Athena's Fortune:

Title Requirements Cost
Guardian of Athena's Fortune 10 50,000 Gold.png
Champion of Athena's Fortune 20 100,000 Gold.png