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Quest Radial
Map Radial.png
Type Menu

The Map Radial Menu is an interactable GUI (Graphical User Interface) Wheel that can contain 8 Quest Items on one roll.


By default the Map Radial Menu can be accessed by holding down the E Key on a Keyboard or the 360 RB.png Button on a Controller. Any Quest Item can then be selected with Directional Buttons or the Mouse pointer. Letting the key go on a certain circle will take the Item out. If more than 8 Quests are active at one time, additional pages can be browsed.


The Map Radial Menu can hold various types of Quests and Quest Items:

Quest Order

Quests appear in the following order on the Map Radial wheel:

  1. Tall Tale Book/Journal
  2. Tall Tale Equipment Items
  3. Skeleton’s Orders & Ashen Guardian’s Notes
  4. Voyage Quests
  5. Emissary Quests
  6. Bottle Quests