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Type NPC
Location The Finest Trading Post

Rachel is the Shopkeeper at The Finest Trading Post Seapost.


Dialogue icon.png

Please don't rock the seapost! I'm... ugh... Rachel. I run The Finest Trading Post... urk! Sorry... I'm so seasick!

Is this the ideal job for you?

It's not what I'd have... urk... chosen for myself.
One moment... bleah... ugh...
Okay, it's passing.
I'm never seasick on a ship, but this thing... something about the stilts!
Please do your business fast!

What items do you have for sale?

A little... ugh... of everything.
The Finest Trading Post is for the pirates on the go!
Clothing, weapons... I don't like selling food, though.
Just thinking about eating it making me...

Have you tried any seasickness cures?

It helps if I don't look at the water.
I feel better... urk... after some tea, too.
Or if all fails, let's just say I always have a bucket nearby!