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Reaper's Bones
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Type Trading Company
Location The Reaper's Hideout
Pirates For All Eternity
— Reaper's Bones motto
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The Reaper's Bones is one of the major Trading Companies in Sea of Thieves. The Reaper's Bones are camped on the makeshift fort at The Reaper’s Hideout headed by the mysterious Servant of the Flame. The Reaper's Bones stand for 'True Piracy', seeking out the toughest, most ruthless pirates on the seas. For this end, the Reaper's Bones are willing to reward Pirates for any Treasure, stolen or found, that they bring in, along with the remains of the Ships of other Trading Companies. On the flip side, the Reaper's Bones only accept Treasure at the Hideout and nowhere else, making it a hot-spot for piracy.

The Reaper's Bones do not offer any Voyages, leaving it up to the Crews of Player Pirates to figure out how to best contribute to the company. Players can represent the Reaper's Bones by flying the Reaper's Bones Emissary Flag, which they can buy from The Servant of the Flame at The Reaper's Hideout.


Entrance to The Reaper's Hideout.

The Reaper's Bones set up camp at The Reaper’s Hideout with the Ships of Fortune Content Update. Previously an Uncharted Island with nothing of interest, aside from the Shipwreck of Merrick's old ship The Killer Whale. With the Smuggler’s Fortune Content Update, Stitcher Jim re-emerged from hiding with a mysterious Masked Stranger, making camp on the Uncharted Island. In the following months, Jim and the Stranger plotted and performed various rituals under the Bilge Rats, such as turning Old Boot Fort into the Fort of the Damned and summoning the Ghost of Graymarrow during the Fort of the Damned (Content Update), or summoning the ghost of Sir Arthur Pendragon to trick him into releasing the soul of Flameheart during the The Seabound Soul (Content Update). With Flameheart free, the Reapers officially set up camp at the newly named and charted The Reaper’s Hideout, where the Stranger began accepting various Treasure related to the Reapers. With a steady income, the Reapers started building fortifications on the Hideout out of Merrick's old ship's remains. With the March Heart of Fire (Content Update), the Masked Stranger's plan to resurrect Captain Flameheart by using Stitcher Jim were revealed, along with hints to her real identity being none other than Wanda the Warsmith. The Fort was eventually completed, where Wanda was replaced by The Servant of the Flame, who became the official representative of the newly formed Reaper's Bones Trading Company. The Reapers seem to have intimate ties to the will of Flameheart, right down to their Company banner representing the Golden Chalice, the source of Flameheart's curse.

Offered Services[]

The Servant of the Flame at The Reaper's Hideout.

The Reaper's Bones Trading Company does not offer any Voyages, nor do they have any other representatives aside from The Servant of the Flame.

The following Services are offered on The Reaper’s Hideout:

The following Services are available from The Servant of the Flame:


The Reaper's Bones is unique in that it accepts any and all Treasure items with a few exceptions. The Reapers will match the reward of any Treasure offered to the other Trading Companies. Any sold Treasure will give Crews Gold/Doubloons and Reaper's Bones Reputation. When sailing as a Reaper's Bones Emissary, any sold Treasure will also give Crews Emissary Value.

The following is a list of all the Treasure Items accepted by the Reaper's Bones:

The following Treasure items cannot be sold to the Reaper's Bones:

Reaper's Treasure[]

There are a handful of Treasure items that are only valuable to the Reapers.

Reaper's Chest & Reaper's Bounty[]

A Reaper's Bounty marked on the Map Table.

When investigating the Map Table, Player Crews may notice small skull icons. Above these icons, Crews can also spot pillars of swirling light on the horizon. These icons and light pillars indicate the presence of Reaper’s Chests (sold for Doubloons) or Reaper’s Bounty (sold for Gold). These chests appear in Shipwrecks and always show their presence on the map due to the Reaper's Mark placed on them. When picked up, the light pillars will disappear, but the chests will still be visible on the map, making them a high risk, high reward item. Both of the chests can only be sold to The Servant of the Flame for Reaper's Bones Reputation and Doubloons/Gold. These chests were initially sold to the Bilge Rats when Stitcher Jim and Masked Stranger were a part of them, however once the Reaper's Bones revealed themselves, the chest are no longer valuable to the Bilge Rats.


Gifts are small packages, seemingly only valuable to The Reaper's Bones. These Gifts are often buried in Skeleton's Orders quests or found inside completed Skeleton Fort Vaults. They can also be washed up on beaches. These Gifts can be sold to The Servant of the Flame for Doubloons and Reaper's Bones Reputation. They were originally sold to the Masked Stranger.

Broken Emissary Flags[]

A Broken Reaper's Bones Flag in hand.

Other unique Treasure Items of the Reaper's Bones are the Broken Emissary Flags of sunken Ships. Whenever a Ship that is flying an Emissary Flag sinks or is scuttled, it will leave behind the broken Flag as a Treasure Item. The flags of each Trading Company look visually different, however, they are mechanically identical. The only major difference of the Broken Flags is the Grade of the retrieved Flag, which is dependent on the sunken Ship's Emissary Grade. These Flags can be sold only to The Servant of the Flame for Gold, Reaper's Bones Reputation and Reaper's Bones Emissary Value (when representing the Reaper's Bones as an Emissary).

An emissary Flag of your Crew's sunken ship is signified as Yours and will only reward Crews with 1 Gold and no Reputation or Emissary Value, no matter the Grade of the broken flag.

The following chart lists the base gold and Emissary Value rewards for selling a Broken Emissary Flag to The Reaper's Bones:

Emissary Grade Rewards, Reputation & Emissary Value
Grade 1 Base Reward
Grade 2 +33% Base Reward
Grade 3 +67% Base Reward
Grade 4 +100% Base Reward
Grade 5 +150% Base Reward

Reputation, Promotions & Rewards[]


Reaper Rep Logo.png

Reaper's Bones Reputation is used to level up with the Trading Company and to earn higher Promotion Ranks. Reaper's Bones Reputation is earned every time an item is sold to The Servant of the Flame (Crew-wide), a higher than Grade 2 Reaper's Bones Emissary Flag is lowered at a Reaper's Bones Emissary Table or when a Reaper's Bones Commendation is progressed or achieved (Personal). Crews representing the Reaper's Bones as an Emissary will get increased Reputation gains the higher their Emissary Grade. The Reaper's Bones Company has 75 Reputation levels in total.

Reaper's can expect to gain the most Reputation from selling Treasure valuable to the Reapers specifically, such as Reaper's Chests, Reaper's Bounties, Gifts or Broken Emissary Flags. Treasure from other Companies gives far less Reputation.


Reaper's Bones Promotions act as Ranks for progressing through the Trading Company and are bought with Gold after every 5 levels of Reputation gained with the Company. Each purchased Promotion unlocks a Title for use at the Vanity Chest and an additional Reaper's Bones Set Item for purchase.

Rank Promotion Name Cost Item Unlocked Cost
5 Follower of the Flame 1,350 Gold.png Measly Reaper Cannons 4,635 Gold.png
10 Devotee of the Flame 2,700 Gold.png Lowly Reaper Figurehead 4,635 Gold.png
15 Servant of the Flame 4,050 Gold.png Notable Reaper Cannons 9,270 Gold.png
20 Bearer of the Flame 5,400 Gold.png Prominent Reaper Figurehead 9,270 Gold.png
25 Keeper of the Flame 6,750 Gold.png Renowned Reaper Cannons 13,905 Gold.png
30 Steward of the Flame 8,100 Gold.png Famed Reaper Figurehead 13,905 Gold.png
35 Disciple of the Flame 9,450 Gold.png Esteemed Reaper Cannons 18,540 Gold.png
40 Warden of the Flame 10,800‬ Gold.png Revered Reaper Figurehead 18,540 Gold.png
45 Luminary of the Flame 12,150‬ Gold.png Notorious Reaper Cannons 37,080 Gold.png
50 Master of the Flame 13,500‬ Gold.png Legendary Reaper Figurehead 37,080 Gold.png
55 Bringer of the Flame 17,450 Gold.png Reaper’s Bones Flag 2,500 Gold.png
60 Exemplar of the Flame 21,400 Gold.png Reaper’s Bones Capstan 69,550 Gold.png
65 Defender of the Flame 25,350 Gold.png Reaper’s Bones Wheel 69,550 Gold.png
70 Guardian of the Flame 29,300 Gold.png Reaper’s Bones Hull 69,550 Gold.png
75 Champion of the Flame 33,250 Gold.png Reaper’s Bones Sails 69,550 Gold.png

Reaper's Bones Emissaries[]

Any players wishing to represent the Reaper's Bones on the open seas can do so by becoming a Reaper's Bones Emissary. To hoist a Reaper’s Bones Emissary Flag, players must first purchase it from The Servant of the Flame for 20000 Gold. Player Crews can vote to raise a Company Emissary Flag at the Company's Emissary Table. Reaper's Bones Emissary Tables can be found away from view on every Outpost and in front of The Servant of the Flame at The Reaper’s Hideout. Once voted upon, the Crew's Ship will receive two Company themed Flags on their Ships to designate their Emissary status: a big Flag on the back of the ship and a Pennant on top of the Crow's Nest. These Flags will signify the Emissary Ship's current Emissary Grade and will change as the Crew progresses through the Grades. Beware that hoisting a Reaper's Bones Emissary Flag acts identically to the Flag Of The Reaper’s Mark and will make your Ship and Emissary Grade visible for all Crews on the Map Table. When an Emissary Ship sinks or is scuttled, the Emissary Flag will be lost along with any earned Grade progress. The Broken Emissary Flags that float up from the sunk ship can be sold to The Servant of the Flame at The Reaper's Hideout. When Crews vote to lower their own Emissary Flag, they earn large sums of Gold and Reputation with the Emissary Company (only after Grade 2).

Emissary Grades[]

The Emissary Grade icon of the Reaper's Bones.

Every Reaper's Bones Emissary will start out at Grade I and will be able to progress up to Grade V. At Grade V, Reaper's Bones Emissaries gain the power to see all other Emissary Ships on the Map Table, but without any indicator to their Company or Grade level. The Grade of a Reaper's Bones Emissary Ship will also be shown on the Map Table, so players are aware in advance if any Reaper's Bones Emissary is able to see their own Emissary Ship or not.

With each Emissary Grade, players will receive greater Rewards, Reaper's Bones Reputation and Emissary Value for any sold Treasure. Note that players do not get Emissary Grade Reputation from selling Items to the company. The following is a chart of the reward and value multiplier of Emissary Grades:

Emissary Grade Rewards, Reputation & Emissary Value
Grade 1 Base Reward
Grade 2 +33% Base Reward
Grade 3 +67% Base Reward
Grade 4 +100% Base Reward
Grade 5 +150% Base Reward

Emissary Reputation[]

Reaper's Bones Emissaries can gain Emissary Reputation and progress through Emissary Grades in the following ways:

Things that do not give Emissary Grade Reputation for Reaper's Bones Emissaries:

Emissary Value & Ledger[]

Reaper's Bones Emissary Value is earned every time a Crew sells a Treasure item to The Servant of the Flame while flying a Reaper’s Bones Emissary Flag. Each Treasure Item has a set base Emissary Value. While Reaper's Bones Treasure Items reward Reaper's Bones Emissaries with plenty Emissary Value, selling Treasure Items of other Companies to the Reapers only yields a quarter of their original Emissary Value.

Crews get increased Emissary Value the higher the Grade of their Emissary Flag, with Grade 5 turn-ins rewarding double the base Emissary Value of any given Treasure Item (see above chart). Emissary Value acts as a Player Pirate's individual scoreboard with a Trading Company.

A player's Emissary Value is counted in their Emissary Ledger, which divides all of the Company's Emissaries into four Ranks based on their total Emissary Value. Each Emissary Rank accounts for a percentage of the Company's total Emissary Value holders. A single Emissary Ledger scoreboard remains active for one month, after which it will be closed and reset. At the close of a Ledger, every Player Pirate to place in the first or second top tier will be rewarded with exclusive Company Sails.

The Reaper's Bones Emissary Ranks are as follows:


The following Commendations are available for the Reaper's Bones Company:

Reaper's Bones Emissary Commendations:

Vaults of the Ancients Commendations:

Lost Shipments Commendations: