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Resources are consumable items used by a player for common tasks, and can be carried in their Inventory.

Resource Types[]


Resources that can replenished a player's health, if they have taken damage.

A player can carry up to 5 Food items in their inventory.




Fish can be found in Regular or Trophy sizes. There a number of fish species, each with additional subspecies variants. Fish can be eaten or sold to The Hunter's Call.


A player can carry up to 10 Bait items in their inventory. Bait is used on the Fishing Rod while fishing in order to catch some types of fish.


Ammunition to be used in Cannons.


A player can carry up to 10 Cannonballs in their inventory and up to 5 Chainshot.

Cursed Cannonballs[]

A player can carry up to 10 Green, Purple or Ghostly Cursed Cannonballs in their inventory.

Green Cursed Cannonballs[]

Applies cursed effects on players and skeletons.

Purple Cursed Cannonballs[]

Applies cursed effects on ships.

Ghostly Cannonballs[]


A player can carry up to 5 Planks in their inventory.


A player can carry up to 5 total Fire or Blunderbombs in their inventory.


Ship Storage[]

Each Ship will provide storage for Food, Cannonballs, and Wooden Planks.

Rowboat Storage[]

Each Rowboat has a Supply Box on the back seat that can be used to store Resources.

Resource Crates[]

Resource Crates are portable storage that can be carried and placed by the player for ease of access. Many of these crates can be bought and sold to the Merchant Alliance icon.png Merchant Alliance.

General Storage[]

Specific Storage[]


  • Cursed Cannonballs cannot be stored in a Cannonball Crate.
  • The different cooked states and half-eaten states of each Fish (including Trophy variants) and Meat occupy a single Inventory space.