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Type NPC
Related Wild Rose
Voice Actor Susannah Fielding
“Well, I'M not missing out on fighting unknown dangers in distant lands. Sign me up!”
— Rose, Lords of the Sea


Rose is one of the main characters in the Wild Rose Tall Tale as well as it's namesake.


Rose is a fierce pirate known to defeat four pirates at once and bite a rope clean in half. She fell in love with a quiet and warm pirate named George during their various adventures. Rose and George were to be married by Rose's best friend Madame Olive before tragedy struck.


Rose has a set of Cosmetics themed after her, named the Wild Rose Set. Two of the set items can be acquired as rewards for completing Commendations for the Wild Rose Tall Tale. The rest have incrementally been released in the Black Market for Doubloons.


  • Both Rose & George appears on Captains of the Damned tall tale inside the Tavern of the Damned, together with Captain Slate listening to Jack Sparrow's story. Rose later gives Jack Sparrow her pendant as a good luck charm. This pendant can be seen on Jack Sparrow ghostly chest until his human body restored which the pendant mysteriously gone
  • During the battle on Lords of the Sea tall tale, Rose & George are steering a ghost ship with the Wild Rose sail
  • After you board the Black Pearl at the end of Lords of the Sea tall tale, Rose & George was resurrected by Ferryman as a reward for saving the Pirate's Life, regaining their human body back. They last seen sailing together with Jack Sparrow & The Black Pearl into the horizon, beginning their second chance to see the other world