Salty is a Skeleton Parrot that was introduced to Sea of Thieves in the Cursed Sails DLC. Players first learned of Salty by talking to Wonda who is the sister of Wanda, the vendor at the Weaponsmith's Shop in Golden Sands Outpost. Wanda has gone missing but was known to hang out with Salty at Crescent Isle.


Pre-Cursed Sails

Oi! Get off... I mean... Squawk.

Did you just speak?!
What kind of parrot speaks the word 'squawk'?
Polly wanna cracker?
Who's a pretty boy, then?
Et cetera.
How did you become a skeleton?
I had it in me all along.
Also, squawk.

Cursed Sails

Squawk! What are you looking at?

Are you... Salty?
Are you Salty? Are you Salty? Squawk!
Wait, I know that name. I... am Salty! Yes! Why? What's... going on?
Thinking... getting harder. As time goes on... I can't help but... be more parrot.
Something bad happened to me. To Salty! Help me hang on to that... memory. I'm losing my mind?
Squawk! Where's Wanda? Squawk!
How can I help you?
Get me a cracker!
Sorry, I've been very... angry, lately. Something... bad happened to me. I wasn't always an undead parrot.
Me and Wands, we... had a plan. We talked about it on... Mermaid's Hideaway.
And... I remember being on a big island near Plunder Outpost. Yes, we were going to be rich! But...
It's so... foggy. Seems a lifetime ago. Wanda had a hidden place of her own, between two outposts...
Squawk, who's a pretty boy then?
Were you once a person?
Rude! I'm still a person. I just don't win arm wrestling contests anymore!
I'm Salty... thank you for reminding me of my name. I was a... shopkeeper. I think. But I... was changed. By something dark and old.
Now I'm a skeleton. And a parrot.
This parrot has ceased to be!
Salty, this is what happened to you...
Yes... it's coming back! I was a man... a handsome man! I found that accursed cannon, helped Wanda raise it from the depths.
What fools we were! Te think we could work with such a dark thing! I bet it was cursed even before Flameheart got his fingerbones on it.
And you say she used me to bear the brunt of the curse?! That scheming little... shopkeeper!
My head hurts. Leave me on my accursed fate. If you want the last pieces of the puzzle, our workshop's hidden on Wanderer's Refuge.
Get it? Seemed an amusing place to choose at the time Squawk.
What will you do now?
Repeat people, ask for crackers, that sort of thing.
I think my mind will be... okay. If i don't give in. I need a human hobby to keep my mind from drifting.
Maybe I'll start playing dice.
If Wanda doesn't kill us all!


  • During the Cursed Sails event, it is explained that along with Wanda, Salty discovered one of Captain Flameheart's Cursed Cannons. Which is suggested to be why he was cursed and turned into a Skeleton parrot.
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