Sandra is a shopkeeper in Sea of Thieves. She works in the Shipwright Shop on the Dagger Tooth Outpost located near the docks.


The name's Sandra. Be quick, live got a ship to build.

What stock have you got in at the moment, Sandra?
The catalogue's over there. Not got time to answer any questions. Have a look through it and tell me if you want to buy anything.
Why are you building a ship?
Got me a score to settle with one of them Krakens out there. Sandra's Revenge will have a treble planked hull and two decks of cannons. perhaps even fit a big jib at the bow, make her fly like the wind. There'll not be a ship to match her!
I won't be long, just show me your selection of bigger cannons.
Sorry, can't let you have those. The Pirate Lord won't let us, he reckons every fight should be a fair one. Missing out on a pile of money if you ask me. Might sneak a few onto Sandra's Revenge and hope he doesn't find out.
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