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Sea Dog's Rest
Sea Dogs Rest.png
Type Small island icon.png Small island
Region The Shores of Plenty icon.png The Shores of Plenty
Coordinates C-11
Animals Chicken icon.png Chickens
Pig icon.png Pigs

Sea Dog's Rest is a Small Island located within the region of The Shores of Plenty at coordinate C-11.

This island is oblong and rounded in shape, with an indentation on the north west side. It is a grassy island with sand pathways and dense vegetation.


The island features:

Tall Tales[]

The following Tall Tale objectives take place on this island:

Wild Rose icon.png Wild Rose


During the course of the Murder Mystery, the island was changed in the following ways.

  • Skeletal remains wearing the clothing of DeMarco can be found against a tree on the northern shore of the island.
  • Lesedi can also be found here, apparently mourning the death of her brother.
  • Should players follow the clues found on the Island, the Fallen Sea Dog Lantern can be found in a Chest a short distance away from the Island's shore.

External links[]

See it on RareThief's Interactive Map


Patch history[]

  • 2.5.2
    • (May 19th) Added skeletal remains.