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Sea Dogs
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Type Trading Company
Location The Glorious Sea Dog Tavern
Related The Arena
Glory Awaits
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The Sea Dogs is the company that runs The Arena, led by DeMarco and Lesedi Singh. Their headquarters, The Glorious Sea Dog, is a large tavern located on the large rock formations at K-11.


These are the main NPCs tied to the Sea Dogs. Most can be interacted with to purchase promotions and promotion rewards for the Sea Dogs.


Reputation is used to progress through the Promotions of the Sea Dogs. Sea Dogs Reputation is acquired by playing matches in The Arena game-mode and completing Commendations for The Sea Dogs within the matches.


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The Sea Dogs Promotions are one of the leveling paths in Sea of Thieves. They are available when the player has reached a minimum Reputation level with the Sea Dogs and are unlocked by paying a certain amount of Gold.
New Sea Dogs levels can be obtained by playing matches in The Arena, completing Sea Dogs Commendations or buying them with Letters of Recommendation. Each new Promotion unlocks an upgradeable version of either the 'Glorious Sea Dog Cutlass or Blunderbuss and the Promotion Title.

Rank Promotion Level Cost Rank Description Upgradeable Weapons Item Cost Ship Cosmetics Item Cost
5 Arena Pup 100 Gold.png As an Arena Pup, you'll have to stop playing around and chase some more victories! Measly Sea Dog Cutlass 700 Gold.png Glorious Sea Dog Sail 69,950 Gold.png
10 Arena Mutt 200 Gold.png As an Arena Mutt, you're beginning to get noticed. Dig up some more victories and further glory awaits! Lowly Sea Dog Blunderbuss 700 Gold.png Glorious Sea Dog Hull 69,950 Gold.png
15 Arena Terrier 300 Gold.png As an Arena Terrier, you're starting to shape up, but you need to sniff out further glory! Notable Sea Dog Cutlass 1,400 Gold.png
20 Arena Fox 400 Gold.png As an Arena Fox, you've made your mark. Keep up that dogged determination and seize more victories! Prominent Sea Dog Blunderbuss 1,400 Gold.png Glorious Sea Dog Capstan 69,950 Gold.png
25 Arena Hound 500 Gold.png As an Arena Hound, keep gnawing away and glory shall be yours! Renowned Sea Dog Cutlass 2,100 Gold.png
30 Arena Bulldog 600 Gold.png As an Arena Bulldog, you'll need to dig up some more victories to win more glory! Famed Sea Dog Blunderbuss 2,100 Gold.png Glorious Sea Dog Wheel 69,950 Gold.png
35 Arena Jackal 700 Gold.png As an Arena Jackal, your fame is starting to spread. Hunt down some more victories! Esteemed Sea Dog Cutlass 2,800 Gold.png
40 Arena Coyote 800 Gold.png As an Arena Coyote, glory is before you. Fetch your weapon and continue to victory! Revered Sea Dog Blunderbuss 2,800 Gold.png Glorious Sea Dog Cannon 69,950 Gold.png
45 Arena Wolf 900 Gold.png As an Arena Wolf, your fame goes before you. Keep one paw on your weapon and the Sea Dogs will be proud of you! Notorious Sea Dog Cutlass 3,500 Gold.png
50 Arena Master 1,000 Gold.png As an Arena Master, you can count yourself amongst the finest of the Sea Dogs! May your battles be forever bathed in glory! Legendary Sea Dog Blunderbuss 3,500 Gold.png Glorious Sea Dog Figurehead 69,950 Gold.png


Each of these Commendations also rewards Players with a Title of the same name. Arena Game Mode Commendations:

  • Dedicated Sea Dog → Play 200 Contests wearing at least 5 pieces of Glorious Sea Dog Clothing
  • Sea Dog Cannoneer → Succeed with 2000 cannonball hits on Ships or Players using the Glorious Sea Dog Cannons
  • Grade I - 100 Hits
  • Grade II - 250 Hits
  • Grade III - 500 Hits
  • Grade IV - 1000 Hits
  • Grade V - 2000 Hits | Unlocks Triumphant Sea Dog Cannon for purchase
  • Sea Dog Sailor → Play 200 Contests with the Glorious Sea Dog Figurehead, Anchor, Wheel and Cannons equipped in the Arena
  • Sea Dog Captain → Win 100 Contests with the Glorious Sea Dog Figurehead, Anchor, Wheel and Cannons equipped in the Arena
  • Glorious Sea Dog → Win a contest when you own all of the Glorious Sea Dog Clothing, Vanity Items, Equipment Items, Weapons and Ship Parts
  • Triumphant Sea Dog → Win a contest when you own all of the Triumphant Sea Dog Clothing, Vanity Items, Equipment Items, Weapons and Ship Parts

Athena's Fortune Commendation:



  • "Sea Dog" is a slang term for a sailor. It was also a term used by sailors for sharks up until the 16th century.