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Sea Dogs Tavern Challenge Route
Challenge Route.png
Coordinates K-11

The Sea Dogs Tavern Challenge Route is an elevated obstacle course located at The Glorious Sea Dog Tavern in the center of the world, introduced with the 2.0.7 Smuggler’s Fortune Content Update.


In Adventure Mode, if you head to The Glorious Sea Dogs Tavern in the center of the map (located on K-11) and climb up the Peak, you can find a jumping puzzle challenge route. Head to the top of the tavern via the spiraling staircase. The beginning of the Route is indicated with a Bell that you can ring. There are two other Bells serving as Checkpoints at the middle and the end of the Route to help track your time or to let your Crewmates know your progress. The Challenge Route can even be attempted backwards to ramp up the difficulty!


For both routes, the only stipulated rule from RARE is that all three Bells must be rung. The first and third Bell swap based on starting the Hard or Easy course. The second bell is located at an elevated point mid-way through the course. Outside of this, communities are capable of choosing their own guidelines as they see fit.


Sea Dog Course Easy Start.jpg

Sea Dog Challenge Obstacle 1.jpg

Sea Dog Challenge Obstacle 2.jpg

Sea Dog Challenge Obstacle 3.jpg

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Sea Dog Challenge Obstacle 5.jpg

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Sea Dog Challenge Obstacle 6.5.jpg

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Half Way Split[]

This section of both courses signifies the half way point on the course. The bell located here must be rung when recording a successful speed time.

This section of the course is known as the "Half Way Split" for the Easy Run. When ringing the bell, Pirates may choose to continue left to section 7 or right, which (if landing successfully) places you at section 10.


  • If you are choosing to go left, don't skip the middle platform, you will damage yourself in the process and potentially break your legs.
  • If you are choosing to go right, remember to take this as a sprinting jump. You will need to jump again about half way on the cliffs edge to reach section 10.
  • If running the hard course, you will need to sprint left from the top of the ladder to reach the bell, before sprinting right to continue on the course.

Sea Dog Challenge Hard Ladder.jpg

Sea Dog Challenge Obstacle 7.jpg

Sea Dog Challenge Obstacle 8.jpg
Sea Dog Challenge Obstacle 8 Part 2.jpg

Sea Dog Challenge Obstacle 9.jpg

Sea Dog Challenge Obstacle 10.jpg

Sea Dog Challenge Obstacle 11.jpeg

Sea Dog Challenge Obstacle 12.jpg

Sea Dog Challenge Obstacle 13.jpg

Sea Dog challenge Obstacle 14.jpg

Sea Dog Challenge Obstacle 15.jpg

Sea Dog Challenge Hard Start.jpg

Course 1 (Easy)[]

The easier of the two courses. This starts on the platform under the archway and ends atop the Sea Dogs Tavern.

The five fastest PC confirmed times:

Place Time (Sec) Player Fleet Evidence
#1 37.46 Bowoof Sea of Speed Youtube
#2 38.86 Invise Sea of Speed Youtube
#3 39.41 AlbinoZeke The Eights Twitter
#4 40.90 vSirioNDB Fortune Twtter
#5 41.95 fluger_krueger Sea of Speed Youtube

The five fastest Xbox confirmed times:

Place Time (Sec) Player Fleet Evidence
#1 46.36 edit445 Sea Dog’s Run
#2 (Gathering) (Gathering) (Gathering) (Gathering)
#3 (Gathering) (Gathering) (Gathering) (Gathering)
#4 (Gathering) (Gathering) (Gathering) (Gathering)
#5 (Gathering) (Gathering) (Gathering) (Gathering)

Course 2 (Hard)[]

The hard course is the reverse of the easy. Instead, it starts atop the Sea Dogs Tavern and ends on the platform under the archway.

The five fastest confirmed times:

Place Time (Sec) Player Fleet Evidence
#1 47.22 AstralSpiff Sea of Speed Twitch
#2 47.51 Bluuebe Sea of Speed Youtube
#3 48.73 Zbloopers Sea of Speed Youtube
#4 48.83 mjownth Sea of Speed Youtube
#5 (Gathering) (Gathering) (Gathering) (Gathering)