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Fandom Wiki Representative[]

Surafbrov talk  •  contribs

Community Administrators[]

Currently no administrators available.

Community Translator Administrators[]

Alnih talk  •  contribs  •  ES
FatRabbit2019 talk  •  contribs  •  ZH
Khan fr talk  •  contribs  •  FR
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Sea of Thieves Gamepedia Wiki[]

If you would to get in touch with our Administrators / Writers you can talk with them on the Discord Server

What to do?[]

Page Improvements[]

  • Finish Lost Shipment page.
  • Tall Tale Chapter 6-9 Walkthroughs.
  • Documentation of general Tall Tales Quest Items, Treasure Chest (Container) reskins & the Morningstar Clothing Set.
  • Patch history section for cosmetic items
  • Improve Island pages with the following elements: Riddle Locations, etc.
  • Improve Cosmetic Sets page Galleries (add all individual item gallery images into the collective gallery)
  • Improve pages for individual Skeleton types
  • Naval Miles page & research.
  • Improve Bounty Voyages page.
  • Categorise all the Images in the Upload Log into logical categories for better navigation.
  • Improving Stub articles.
  • Improve Crews & Adventure Mode page.
  • Improve the Resources Page
  • Navbox improvements, and to be added toContainer Chests pages.
  • Reorganizing and cleanup of Location focused pages, reduce duplication of information, and better navigation (linking).
  • Create pages for Frostbite weapons and equipment, and link them to their respective commendations.

Secondary materials:


Infobox and Inventory Images[]

Clothing Infobox Images that are missing:

Forum Link Invalid[]

In the top navigation under Portal, the link to the official forum goes to a dead page. Instead, it should link to

Midas7g (talk) 21:47, 10 January 2023 (UTC)