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Season Twelve is the twelfth season in Sea of Thieves. It began on April 30, 2024, and is scheduled to last until July 25, 2024.

Season Twelve
Season Twelve
Type Content Update
Patch 3.0.0
Duration April 30, 2024-July 25, 2024
Update Chronology
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Season Eleven Season Thirteen

Seasonal Progression[]


In addition to regularly earned Renown, the Season Twelve Trials offer an additional boost of Renown.

Plunder Pass[]

Purchasing the Plunder Pass will grant players access to Pirate Emporium items and additional Ancient Coins as Season Eight Rewards. These cosmetic items are early-access items that will be released at a later date after the Season ends.


Base rewards for all levels are available for free to all players, with additional rewards for Pirate Legends and premium rewards for Plunder Pass players.

Gameplay additions[]

  • Throwing Knives and double barrel pistol
  • Scattershot
  • Bone caller
  • Horn of fair winds
  • Ziplines and running across Harpoons