Senior Trader Mandy is a merchant for the Merchant Alliance Trading Company. She is located in Golden Sands Outpost near one of the docks. She sells Voyages to players and will exchange chests for gold.


You are speaking to Mandy, Senior Trader. Briefly state your intended business with the Merchant Alliance.

What can you tell me about the Merchant Alliance?
We are the original and longest standing company in these seas. For years, we have served our customers with impeccable reliability. They request certain goods and we find agents of repute to find them.
What kind of goods do you deal in?
Mainly those of the living variety. Chickens, Pigs and Snakes. Well supply you with containers in order to obtain what our customers desire. Deliver them to the designated outpost and you will be remunerated with gold. There's also a possibility of other rewards, but this will require unblemished service.
Ever thought of smuggling stolen goods? There's lots of gold to be made.
The Merchant Alliance does not engage in such criminal endeavours. Lots of gold you say? Mmm.... No! I will not be swayed by your larcenous temptations! If this place had any kind of authority I'd report you to them.
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