Senior Trader Maureen is a merchant for the Merchant Alliance Trading Company. She is located in Plunder Outpost near one of the docks. She sells Voyages to players requesting them to transport specific crated items to other outposts.  


I'm Senior Trader Maureen, your lifesaving guide to navigating the perilous seas of merchant life.

What can you tell me about the Merchant Alliance?
I'm not sure you want to know. Very well. We have customers that ask us to obtain things for them. Extremely dangerous things, including ferocious pigs and deadly chickens. If your nerve holds, deliver these to the requested destination.

Why should I work for you and not the other companies?

I won't lie, the risk of taking on our voyages are great. Many set out, yet few return. If you are amongst the lucky ones, a fortune in gold and exclusive items await. Do not think lightly of what we ask. I'd think no less of you if you decided to make your name elsewhere.
Come on Maureen, how can Chickens and Pigs be that dangerous?
They are a match for any Kraken! Chickens with scratching claws and constant clucking! Pigs with foul aromas and never ending appetites! Ask yourself, are you ready to face such adversity?
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