Senior Trader Mavis is a merchant for the Merchant Alliance Trading Company. She is located in Sanctuary Outpost near one of the docks. She sells Voyages to players requesting them to transport specific crated items to other outposts. Also seen at this post is Senior Trader Mollie


Time is money to the Merchant Alliance. My name is Senior Trader Mavis and I can only spare you a few seconds.

What can you tell me about the Merchant Alliance
Cargo delivering as fast as possible, that's all. We'll give you contracts from our customers, you sail your ship quickly to find what they want. Once you've got whats needed, it's sails at full billow to take it to the right location.
Is working for the company profitable?
It can be, so long as you fulfil your orders. I pay gold, with bonuses of watches and spyglasses for our most successful sailors. Forget having a grog or relaxing with a shanty though, just make the shipment. I don't even care what condition the cargo is in when you deliver it. I'll just tell the customer it was damaged in a storm.
Why do you want everything done so fast? Isn't quality of service important to you?
Pah. Service is overrated. Customers want everything yesterday. One day everything will be delivered like this, you'll see.
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