Sea of Thieves Wiki
Type NPC
Location The North Star Seapost
Company The Hunter's Call icon.png The Hunter's Call
Voice Actor Lucy Gaskell
Keep an eye out for the glowing fish during the hours of darkness. Also let me know if you see Miguel again, I'd love to say hello!
— Serik, Overheard at Merrick's campfire.

Serik is The Hunter's Call representative stationed at The North Star Seapost. She's the founder of The Hunter's Call, and wife of Merrick.

Serik ran off with some mermaids to get Merrick's attention away from the Megalodon. With him back in the family, she established a meat supply business in the Sea of Thieves, with pirates learning how to catch and cook for The Hunter's Call. At only thirty years age, she realizes that doing business in these seas is very demanding.


Dialogue icon.png

I'm Serik, head of the Hunter's Call. It's a family venture, as across these seas you'll also find Merrick, Derrick, Annick. Zharick, Emerick, and Hendrick!

Head of the company, you say? Tell me why you started the Hunter's Call.

I've always had an eye for handsome figures, so I wondered 'how could I make myself a few gold coins?'
I knew you pirates would eventually get tired of digging up chests, collecting skulls and transporting goods.
So I started this company for you to learn new skills around catching and cooking food.
I sell the food on of course, at a not insignificant profit!

Running this company must be exhausting, you look very tired!

That I am. These seas are a really tough place to do business in.
No-one ever seems to sleep! The shops are always open and the other trading companies operate every hour of every day.
Look what it's done to me already, it's hard to believe that I'm only 30 years old!
I've heard rumors of a magical Fountain of Youth beyond the Shroud. If you find it, bring me back a barrelful will you?

I heard that you and your husband Merrick have been sailing through some rough waters lately?

It was his obsession with that Megalodon!
He'd disappear for days trying to track it down. I lost count of the nights I spent alone.
To teach him a lesson I swam off with a Merman, but sadly I couldn't get used to living a life in water.
I've decided to give Merrick a second chance, but if he takes even the slightest glance at a shark I'll be gone for ever!