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Shadow Skeleton
Type Skeleton

The Shadow Skeleton is a variant of skeleton found in the Sea of Thieves. They do not spawn regularly on islands and can only be found as part of Order of Souls bounty voyages, in waves on a skull fort or on the lower and bottom decks of a skeleton ship. They have the same stats as a regular skeleton, but react differently during nighttime and in bright light.


Shadow Skeletons spawn in waves as part of an assault on a skull fort or during Order of Souls bounty voyages. At night, they are intangible, taking no damage from any attacks until exposed to bright light, which stuns them temporarily and makes them vulnerable for about ten seconds. Many free-roaming skeleton ships and skeleton fleet battle ships have Shadow Skeletons on their middle and lower decks. They take normal damage during the day or after exposed to light, though while stunned immediately after being lit up they do take reduced damage. Like all other variants of skeleton, they can spawn with a cutlass, bare hands, a pistol, an Eye of Reach or a blunderbuss, and they can eat bananas to recover their health.

Tips and Tricks[]

  • If fighting waves of skeletons at night or with night impending, having a lantern ready is crucial for fighting these skeletons.
  • When intangible at night, Shadow Skeletons become stunned if light is shone on them. The easiest way to do this is by raising a lit lantern near them. While they are stunned they take less damage, but they will begin moving and become more vulnerable again momentarily. They will stay vulnerable for approximately 10 seconds.
  • As is true with the other skeleton types, the Gunpowder Barrel or a well positioned ship with Cannons to fire on them can be very effective at speeding up a fight with Shadow Skeletons., though the 'light' from the cannonball explosion or the gunpowder barrel explosion does not count as a light source and will not make them vulnerable or stunned.


Note: There are other Skeleton related commendations which Shadow Skeleton can contribute to. For example: As Shadow Skeletons can spawn with gunpowder barrels on Skull Forts, they can contribute toward Chain Reaction and Gunpowder Plot. Also, The Flame of Cursed Bones can be completed by dying to one of these and fetching the flame from the Ferry of the Damned. Likewise, these can be killed while under the influence of green-colored Cursed Cannonballs to get the commendations related to doing that.


  • At great distances, in caves, and at night, sometimes only the glowing eyes of these skeletons can be seen, making them quite ghostly, indeed!