Sea of Thieves Wiki
Type Creature
Behaviour Hostile
Location Ocean

Sharks are underwater Hostile Creatures in Sea of Thieves. Sharks attack by charging and biting. Each Shark attack lowers player health by 50%.

Sharks can only be found in the Ocean. They are attracted to Shipwrecks, Naval combat, and Megalodons which make them spawn in larger groups (2-4 Sharks). When swimming in calm waters, the shark spawn rate is greatly reduced, making it possible for a player to swim from one island to next with no disturbances. They can be killed with any weapon, it generally takes 3 hits from any firearm and 5 sword hits. It is possible to Harpoon a shark or even stand on top of one.

Shark meat[]

When a shark is killed it drops a piece of Shark meat, which can be cooked and sold to The Hunter's Call.


  • Raw Shark meat cannot be sold
  • Under-cooked: 40 Gold
  • Cooked: 45 Gold
  • Burnt: Gold


  • A Shark will not trigger a Gunpowder Barrel when it bites.
  • A sharks attack can be dodged by swimming directly towards the shark and going down last second.
  • The Shark's appearance may have been inspired by the real life Great White Shark.