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Shining Pegasus Set
Shining Pegasus Set.jpg
Type Cosmetic Set
Cost 7,134 Ancient Coins

The Shining Pegasus Set is a Cosmetic Set in Sea of Thieves introduced with the 2.1.1 Update and is themed after a pegasus. It is available from the Pirate Emporium for Ancient Coins

Set Components[]

Clothing Items[]

  • Total Cost: 999 Ancient Coins
Image Name Cost Rep Type In-game description
Shining Pegasus Costume 1.png
Shining Pegasus Costume 1 Bundle Only
Costume "Golden locks and a full beard contrast with marble-like skin to create a truly heavenly costume."
Shining Pegasus Costume 2.png
Shining Pegasus Costume 2 Bundle Only
Costume "A dazzling halo of golden curls contrasts with marble-like skin to create a truly heavenly costume."

Equipment Items[]

  • Total Cost: 249 Ancient Coins
Image Name Cost Rep Type In-game description
Shining Pegasus Banjo.png
Shining Pegasus Banjo 249 Ancient Coins
Banjo "Some pirates claim that the strings on this exquisite banjo were spun from a golden fleece."


  • Total Cost: 996 Ancient Coins
Image Name Cost Rep Type In-game description
Shining Pegasus Blunderbuss.png
Shining Pegasus Blunderbuss 249 Ancient Coins
Blunderbuss "At close range, this powerful blunderbuss has a kick like a horse."
Shining Pegasus Cutlass.png
Shining Pegasus Cutlass 249 Ancient Coins
Cutlass "A sword with a particularly thin blade, able to slice through the air at a deadly speed."
Shining Pegasus Eye of Reach.png
Shining Pegasus Eye of Reach 249 Ancient Coins
Eye of Reach "A weapon so brilliantly opulent, you might just dazzle anyone who catches you aiming it."
Shining Pegasus Pistol.png
Shining Pegasus Pistol 249 Ancient Coins
Pistol "Send your opponent's soul to the Underwurlde with a lethal shot from this pistol."

Ship Components[]

  • Total Cost: 4,890 Ancient Coins
Image Name Cost Rep Type In-game description
Collector's Shining Pegasus Figurehead.png
Collector's Shining Pegasus Figurehead 799 Ancient Coins
Figurehead "Favourable winds are sure to follow any ship that sports this golden figurehead, dedicated to a mythical winged horse."
Collector's Shining Pegasus Sails.png
Collector's Shining Pegasus Sails 799 Ancient Coins
Sails "Passers-by are bound to take a shine to these glinting sails adorned with florious pegasus motif."
Shining Pegasus Cannon Flare.png
Shining Pegasus Cannon Flare 349 Ancient Coins
Cannon Flare "A shower of heavenly feathers blesses each cannon shot - hopefully to wing its way into the side of that pursuing ship."
Shining Pegasus Cannons.png
Shining Pegasus Cannons 349 Ancient Coins
Cannons "Chiselled out of rocks from a hallowed mountain, these elegant cannons are truly marble-ous."
Shining Pegasus Capstan.png
Shining Pegasus Capstan 349 Ancient Coins
Capstan "Pushing this weighty capstan of marble and gold feels like undergoing 12 labours..."
Shining Pegasus Figurehead.png
Shining Pegasus Figurehead 599 Ancient Coins
Figurehead "Ride like the wind with the help of this gleaming marble figurehead."
Shining Pegasus Flag.png
Shining Pegasus Flag 349 Ancient Coins
Flags "Cloudy with a chance of sun is the weather forecast, according to this flag."
Shining Pegasus Hull.png
Shining Pegasus Hull 349 Ancient Coins
Hull "With its swirling clouds and bright white paint job, you'll feel like you're walking on air!"
Shining Pegasus Sails.png
Shining Pegasus Sails 599 Ancient Coins
Sails "Unfurl these pastel-coloured sails and you're bound to feel the wind beneath your wings."
Shining Pegasus Wheel.png
Shining Pegasus Wheel 349 Ancient Coins
Wheel "Use this opulent wheel and you'll have poets paying tribute to your epic adventures."

Patch history[]

  • 2.2.0
    • Added the Shining Pegasus Banjo, Weapons, and costume as Season Three Plunder Pass cosmetics.
  • 2.1.1
    • Introuduced.
    • Added the Shining Pegasus Ship set into the Pirate Emporium.