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Ship Customization Chest
Ship Customization Chest.png
Type Stationary item

The Ship Customization Chest is a stationary item found next to the Shipwright Shop at Outposts, or found at the dock at The Reaper’s Hideout.

Players can use this chest to browse and swap the visual cosmetics on their Ships.

Ship Customization Items[]

The following is a list of Features that can be customized via the Ship customization chest.

  • Figurehead: A decorative item adorning the nose of the ship.
  • Sails: The decorative paint the covers the sails.
  • Hull Livery: The decorative coat of paint of the hull and boards.
  • Wheel: A decorative overhaul of the steering wheel.
  • Cannons: A decorative overhaul of the Ship's Cannons.
  • Cannon Flare: A decorative overhaul of the Ship's Cannon Flare.
  • Capstan: A decorative overhaul of the Capstan used to raise and lower the anchor.


  • Players are unable to change the appearance of a ship they are not a crew of.
  • There is a limited distance a player is able to change their ship cosmetics from. Going outside of this distance disables the customization box.