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Ship Customization Chest
Ship Customization Chest.png
Type Stationary item

The Ship Customization Chest is a stationary item found exclusively next to the Shipwright Shop at Outposts.

Players can use this chest to browse and swap the visual cosmetics on their Ships.

Ship Customization Items[]

The following is a list of Features that can be customized via the Ship customization chest.

  • Figurehead: A decorative item adorning the nose of the ship.
  • Sails: The decorative paint the covers the sails.
  • Hull Livery: The decorative coat of paint of the hull and boards.
  • Wheel: A decorative overhaul of the steering wheel.
  • Cannons: A decorative overhaul of the Ship's Cannons.
  • Cannon Flare: A decorative overhaul of the Ship's Cannon Flare.
  • Capstan: A decorative overhaul of the Capstan used to raise and lower the anchor.


  • Players are unable to change the appearance of a ship they are not a crew of.
  • There is a limited distance a player is able to change their ship cosmetics from. Going outside of this distance disables the customization box.