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Disambig.png This article is about the various NPCs that sell items. For the nameless Shopkeeper at Athena's Fortune Hideout, see Athena's Fortune Shopkeeper.

Shopkeepers are NPCs who sell various items in Sea of Thieves.

Where to Find[]


Shopkeeper names typically start with a letter associated with their profession. This is useful for Voyages requiring pick-up or deliveries. (Example: Get Crates from Wendy. W = Weaponsmith's Shop).

This is not true with Seapost NPCs, as they do not specialize in any one particular item category.

Equipment Shop[]

(T for Tools)

Shipwright Shop[]

(S for Shipwright)

Clothing Shop[]

(C for Clothier)

Weaponsmith's Shop[]

(W for Weaponsmith or Weaponry)

Pirate Emporium[]

(E for Emporium)

Athena's Fortune Shopkeepers[]

(L for Legendary or Legend)

Seapost Traders[]