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PlunderOutpost WeaponsmithShop.png

Shops are located at Outposts, and offer Cosmetic re-skins of any customisable Items in exchange for Currencies.

Types of Shops[edit | edit source]

Weaponsmith's Shop[edit | edit source]

A Weaponsmith's Shop can be found on every Outpost. Weaponsmiths sell alternate aesthetics for any Weapons. Every Weaponsmith's Shop features an Armoury for swapping weapons or reloading Ammo outside the Shop. Every Weaponsmith's NPC's name starts with a W for Weaponsmith.

Equipment Shop[edit | edit source]

An Equipment Shop can be found on every Outpost. Toolsmiths sell alternate aesthetics for any Equipment Items. Every Equipment Shop has an Equipment Chest outside the Shop for swapping out any Equipment Items. Every Equipment Shop NPC's name starts with a T for Toolsmith.

General Clothing Shop[edit | edit source]

A General Clothing Shop can be found on every Outpost. Cobblers sell alternate aesthetics for any Clothing and Vanity Items. Every Clothing Shop has a Clothing and Vanity Chest outside for swapping out any Clothing Items. Every Clothing Shop NPC's name starts with a C for Cobbler.

Shipwright Shop[edit | edit source]

A Shipwright Shop can be found on the docks of every Outpost. Shipwrights sell alternate designs for the ship's main components. A Ship Customization Chest can be found nearby for equipping your purchased ship components. Note that the ship must be nearby for the ship to be customized. The Flag Box is used for changing Flags and can be found on top of the ship's Crow's Nest. Every Shipwright Shop NPC's name starts with an "S", for Shipwright.

Tavern & Black Market[edit | edit source]

Every Tavern has an innkeep, who serves unlimited refills of Grog for free. Every Tavernkeep NPC's name starts with a T for Tavernkeep. Taverns also house Bilge Rats Representatives, who sell time-limited items and offer various services for Gold and Doubloons at their Black Market. The Taverns also hide the Athena's Fortune Hideout that is only available for Pirate Legends and that has additional Shops offering various Cosmetics for Legendary feats.

Pirate Emporium[edit | edit source]

A Pirate Emporium Shop can be found above every Order of Souls tent at Outposts. Pirate Emporium Sells exclusive Pets, Pet Outfits, Emotes and Cosmetics for Ancient Coins, a premium Currency available from Ancient Skeletons or for Real money transactions. Every Pirate Emporium has a Pet Chest outside for equipping any Pets and Pet Outfits. Every Emporium NPC's name starts with E for Emporium.

Seapost Traders[edit | edit source]

Every Seapost has a Trading Post hosted by a Trader. Seapost Traders sell a selection of 3 random Cosmetics for a 10% Gold discount. Sea Post Traders switch up their stock every in-game day at 12am (a 24 minute cycle in real-time).

Trading Companies[edit | edit source]

Every Trading Company Representative on Outpost offers Voyages, Promotions and a few upgradable Cosmetics for Gold.

Athena's Fortune Hideout Shops[edit | edit source]

The Athena's Fortune Hideout, which is only accessible to Pirate Legends has three Shops that are specialised for Pirate Legends: The Pirate Lord sells players Athena's Fortune Voyages, Legendary Luke sells Legendary and Ghost Cosmetics for Player Pirates and Legendary Liz sells Legendary and Ghost Cosmetics for Ships.

Umbra's Tattoo Shop[edit | edit source]

Umbra who has set up shop on Lagoon of Whispers offers all the regular Tattoos along with a number of Legendary Tattoos describing the tales of various Legends of the Sea.