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{{quote|Explore the stories of those who live on the Sea of Thieves as you embark upon a quest for a fabled lost island.}}
'''Shores of Gold''' is the first [[Tall Tales]] arc.
1. [[The Shroudbreaker (Quest)]]
:''A Mysterious Stranger speaks of an ancient relic with the power to reach a lost island...''
2. [[The Cursed Rogue]]
:''Only the Order of Souls can help locate the fearsome Skeleton Lord who split apart the Shroudbreaker...''<br /> '''(Tales 3-6 are available at the same time but must all be completed to progress)'''
3. [[The Legendary Storyteller]]
:''Shroudbreaker pieces are scattered far and wide ─ could this childhood keepsake mean more?''
4. [[Stars of a Thief]]
:''An old stargazer's notes point to the heavens and a way to reach a piece of the Shroudbreaker...''
5. [[Wild Rose]]
:''Briggsy knew of Wild Rose... Can two lost lovers lead the way to the Shores of Gold?''
6. [[The Art of the Trickster]]
:''An infamous trap-maker knows of the Shroudbreaker - but will she turn out to be friend of foe?''
7. [[The Fate of the Morningstar]]
:''The Ferryman's tome describes lost souls. Their sad fates are somehow tied to the Shroudbreaker...''
8. [[Revenge of the Morningstar]]
:''A ship whose crew were cursed by a Skeleton Lord. Does its wreck hold clues to the Shores of Gold?''
9. [[Shores of Gold (Quest)]]
:''The fabled Shores of Gold are now in reach - but what dangers might be lying in wait?''
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