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Shrouded Ghost Hunter Ship Bundle
Shrouded Ghost Hunter Ship Bundle.png
Type Bundle
Set Shrouded Ghost Hunter
Shop Pirate Emporium
Cost 2,499 AncientCoin.png
Own the Shrouded Ghost Hunter ship set, a livery scary as your prey! Excludes Collector's variants.

The Shrouded Ghost Hunter Ship Bundle is the eleventh Pirate Emporium exclusive Ship Cosmetic Bundle in Sea of Thieves. This set is themed around the mythical and very rare Megalodon Shrouded Ghost.

The bundle consists of all the regular Shrouded Ghost Hunter Set items for the Ship. All the items in the Bundle can be purchased individually. Their individual prices together amount to 2943 Ancient Coins. Therefore, the whole Bundle will save a Player 450 Ancient Coins.

Before the Set was made available for purchase on the Emporium, the Shrouded Ghost Hunter Figurehead, Flag, Hull and Sails were made available for a limited time for completing challenges during the Hunters of the Deep Event that ran between August 26th - September 9th, 2020.

The Bundle[]

Shrouded Ghost Hunter Ship Bundle
Bundle Cost: 2,499 AncientCoin.png
Item Cost Description
Shrouded Ghost Hunter Figurehead 599 AncientCoin.png With this great spear on your prow, at least the Shrouded Ghost will know you mean business.
Shrouded Ghost Hunter Sails 599 AncientCoin.png Bold, dramatic sails that also provide a handy reminder of what you're hunting.
Shrouded Ghost Hunter Hull 349 AncientCoin.png The crossed spears of dedicated shark hunters adorn this pale hull.
Shrouded Ghost Hunter Wheel 349 AncientCoin.png Perhaps the shark's jaws that adorn this wheel will help it steer towards your ocean prey.
Shrouded Ghost Hunter Cannons 349 AncientCoin.png Adorned with primal spears, these cannons are ready to take down nature's most elusive monster.
Shrouded Ghost Hunter Capstan 349 AncientCoin.png A vicious capstan that is best used on a ship with a very tidy, dry, slip-free deck.
Shrouded Ghost Hunter Flag 349 AncientCoin.png This flag is raised by Shrouded Ghost hunters; here is a crew that has chosen to dance with doom.

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