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Siren Treasuries
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Type Location
Location Sunken Kingdom icon.png Sunken Kingdom
Related Siren Shrines

Siren Treasuries are Locations in the Sunken Kingdom in which players fight a short raids consisting of 12-15 waves consisting primarily of Ocean Crawlers and Sirens. There are three Treasuries currently in the game, with one present within the Shores of Plenty, The Ancient Isles, and The Wilds respectively. Siren Treasuries, along with the related Siren Shrines, are the only places Coral Treasure and Breath of the Sea may be found.

Players may receive a Quest to visit Siren Treasuries from a Coral Message in a Bottle, which will award players with a Breath of the Sea upon completion.

List of Treasuries[]

There are three different Siren Treasuries to discover:

Name Grid Region
Treasury of Sunken Shores D-3 The Shores of Plenty icon.png The Shores of Plenty
Treasury of the Lost Ancients H-15 The Ancient Isles icon.png The Ancient Isles
Treasury of the Secret Wilds L-3 The Wilds icon.png The Wilds


Each Treasury functions near identically to each other, differentiated primarily by set dressing.


Unlike regular Islands, Siren Treasuries exist only on the seafloor and as such are not marked on the map table by an overhead view. Instead, each Treasury is marked only by its name and a simple illustration of a coral structure. When approaching an active Treasury, a spiraling purple glow should be visible on the water over a Treasury to indicate where players should swim to reach the Treasury. This glow disappears shortly after a Treasury is cleared, and will return when the Treasury resets.

Maintaining Air[]

While in the water around a Treasury, players will drown significantly slower, allowing them to explore freely while not having to worry as much about breathing. Columns of coral releasing air bubbles can be found around Treasuries, allowing players to refill their air without swimming to the surface.

During the Treasury Raid, the fighting arena will occasionally fill with water for players to fight Sirens. When this happens, players will have to swim to the top of the arena to breathe.

Sunken Merfolk Statues[]

Main article: Sunken Merfolk Statue

Treasuries feature Sunken Merfolk Statues scattered throughout which players may use to store Treasure and return to the surface. Treasure stored within a Sunken Merfolk Statue can be retrieved from a special Merfolk found on the surface of the water.

The Raid[]

Upon entering any Treasury, players will be greeted by a blowing horn signaling the start of the 12-15 wave Raid. The arena chamber may start either dry or flooded with water, which the Treasury will alternate between every 2-3 waves. During waves while the Treasury is flooded, waves will consist of 2-4 Sirens, some of which may spawn as Siren Leaders. During waves while the treasury is dry, waves will consist of either 2-4 Ocean Crawlers or Coral Gunpowder Skeletons.

Treasury Vaultmaster[]

The final wave of the Raid will include a powerful Siren or Ocean Crawler of any type which must be defeated to open the treasure vault of the Treasury. This enemy is defined by its increased health and orange nametag, similar to Skeleton Captains.


Treasuries can be extremely rewarding ventures, especially for newer players as the Coral Treasure found within sells for significantly more gold and reputation than its regular counterparts.

In the arena chamber, Players will find the following items which they may want to use to fight the raid:

The vault rooms of Siren Treasuries, which opens after defeating the final wave of the Raid, will contain a moderate mix of the following Treasure:

And if players entered the Treasury with a Coral Message in a Bottle Quest:

In addition to the vault treasure, the following can be found on the seafloor around Treasuries:

Related Commendations[]

Each Siren Treasury features a commendation for its completion, as well as a commendation for completing each Siren Treasury.

Image Commendation Requirements Rewards
Treasury of Sunken Shores emblem.png
Treasury of Sunken Shores Unlock the Treasury of Sunken Shores in the Sunken Kingdom. n/a
Treasury of the Lost Ancients emblem.png
Treasury of the Lost Ancients Unlock the Treasury of the Lost Ancients in the Sunken Kingdom. n/a
Treasury of the Secret Wilds emblem.png
Treasury of the Secret Wilds Unlock the Treasury of the Secret Wilds in the Sunken Kingdom. n/a
Treasurer of the Sunken Kingdom emblem.png
Treasurer of the Sunken Kingdom Unlock all 3 Treasuries in the Sunken Kingdom. Lock icon.png Unlocks the Scar of Sunken Sorrow.


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