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Skeleton Captain
Skeleton Captain.png
Type Skeleton
Behaviour Hostile

Skeleton Captains are Boss Skeletons that either appear solo or with waves of underlings during Bounty Quests on Islands. They also appear as the bosses of Skeleton Fortress raids or mini-bosses of certain Tall Tales. They have higher health than regular Skeletons and can appear as any type of Skeleton. Skeleton Captains are distinguished by their clothing and red nameplates.


Skeleton Captains appear in various situations. They can spawn as any type of Skeleton: Normal, Shadow Skeleton, Plant Skeleton or Gold Skeleton. Skeleton Captains can spawn without a Weapon, with a Cutlass, Flintlock Pistol or Blunderbuss. Skeleton Captains will generally not spawn with Gunpowder Barrels, although during an Order of Souls Emissary Quest, one Island will always spawn Gunpowder Skeleton Captains.

It takes around 17 Cutlass hits or 6-7 Combos to kill one Regular Captain, Shadow or Plant Skeleton Captain. Gold Skeleton Captains are strong against Cutlass hits, but can be easily taken down with firearms or a single Gunpowder Barrel.

Any Crews sailing as Order of Souls Emissaries will gain Emissary Grade Reputation for killing Skeleton Captains.

Type, Locations, and Rewards[]

Bounty Quest Captains[]

Up to 4 Skeleton Captains can spawn at the same island during a Bounty Quest. These Captains will drop one of the 4 regular Bounty Skulls: Foul Bounty Skull, Disgraced Bounty Skull, Hateful Bounty Skull, Villainous Bounty Skull. Any Skeleton Captains appearing as a part of Bounty Quests in The Devil's Roar will drop one of the Ashen counterparts of these 4 skulls, which are worth nearly twice as much as their original versions. These Skulls can be sold to the Order of Souls for Gold and Reputation. A Bounty Quest Skeleton Captain is usually preceded by waves of regular Skeletons of any type.

Killing Captains found through Bounty Quests count toward:

Killing Skeletons whose names are WITHOUT the "Captain" title are considered Skeleton Crew; killing them count toward:

Skeleton Fort Captains[]

An active Skeleton Fort will spawn a Skeleton Captain as the first boss wave boss, who will drop a Stronghold Skull upon defeat. The Captain is as strong as any other Skeleton Captain and has the same mechanics as any other Captain.

Emergent Skeleton Captains[]

Emergent Skeleton Captains appear alone, roaming alone on the shores of Small or Large Islands. Upon defeat, an Emergent Skeleton Captain will always drop a Villainous Bounty Skull and a Skeleton’s Orders Quest with a small delay. The Quest will provide crews with a Treasure Map or Riddle Map on a nearby Island that rewards crews high-value Treasure.

Ashen Guardians[]

Ashen Guardians are an Ashen Skeleton Captain that protect Ashen Chests. They can spawn as Emergent Skeleton Captains or during a Skeleton Fort's second boss wave. Drops a Villainous Bounty Skull and Ashen Guardian's Notes Quest that leads to an Ashen Chest.

Ashen Key Masters[]

Ashen Key Masters are an Ashen Skeleton Captain that protect Ashen Keys. They can spawn as Emergent Skeleton Captains or during a Skeleton Fort's second boss wave. Drops a Villainous Bounty Skull and an Ashen Key Master's Notes that leads to an Ashen Key.

Tall Tale Skeleton Captains[]

These are the various Skeleton Captains encountered during Tall Tales chapters.

List of Skeleton Captain Names[]

Every Bounty Map or Emergent Skeleton Captain is named.

The following is an alphabetical list of all the documented Skeleton Captain names. These names can appear with or without the "Captain" title.

    1. 5 Paces West
    2. Aarrron Leigh
    3. Adam Bones
    4. Alex Thieves
    5. Amir The Feared
    6. Andrew Foulplay
    7. Andy Blastable
    8. Arrrndria Warren
    9. Aye Aye Rai
    10. Bad Bradford
    11. Bad Deal Lindsey
    12. Bad Luckingham
    13. Bad Omen Davies
    14. Bad Penny Coppens
    15. Bad Tidings Tidmarsh
    16. Bad 'Un Haddon
    17. Bam Bam Wymerz
    18. Battling Catling
    19. Beastly Ben Siddons
    20. Ben The Black
    21. Benjamin Slain
    22. Big Trouble Troughton
    23. Bilge Rat Beanland
    24. Black Artur
    25. Black Sheep Thomas
    26. Black Spot Baker
    27. Blackheart Blake
    28. Bloodkowski
    29. Board em' Bowler
    30. Bosun Bolton
    31. Boombaca
    32. Both Barrels Barrett
    33. Brave Dave Stevens
    34. Brawl Carter
    35. Brawlin' Hall
    36. Breachin McEachern
    37. Bret The Bretrayer
    38. Brigantine Kozin
    39. Brown The Drowner
    40. Buccaneer Bridle
    41. Bucko Betts
    42. Campion The Wonderous
    43. Cannonball Khan
    44. Carousin' Russell
    45. Cast Away Cross
    46. Catarina Nine Tails
    47. Caulkin' Chalk
    48. Chartin' Ballantyne
    49. Cheat Daniels
    50. Choke 'em Coppens
    51. Chris Maiming
    52. Ciardi The Cheat
    53. Commander White
    54. Crazy Crosbie
    55. Crew Quakenbush
    56. Cross Boney Neilly
    57. Cussin' Russ
    58. Daring Nourish
    59. Dark Soul Cole
    60. Darrryl Yarrrdner
    61. David Ahoymond
    62. David Sandybeach
    63. David The Bladesmith
    64. Davide The Greed
    65. Deadly Daley
    66. Death O' Me Timmins
    67. Deeceitful
    68. Devil's Kiss Davies
    69. Devious Deakes
    70. Diamond Geezer Melizza
    71. Dirty Deal Mitchell
    72. Dirty Diggle
    73. Dirty McMurtrie
    74. Dirty Play Derman
    75. Doominguez
    76. Double Crosser Prosser
    77. Double Dealin' Dempsey
    78. Double-Gun Dunn
    79. Doubloons Donaldson
    80. Drunken Duncan
    81. Esther the Blessed
    82. Feared Ford
    83. Fearsome Fisher
    84. Fiendish Field
    85. Filthy Rich Semmens
    86. Fire Bomb Dom
    87. Fire Bomb Thomas
    88. Flash Ashby
    89. Flay J
    90. Flintlock Jocevicius
    91. Foul Deeds Rashed
    92. Frightening Frith
    93. Full O' Sin Quinn
    94. Gilded Giddings
    95. Glenn Deadwards
    96. Glorious Gluyas
    97. Go To Hell Huxell
    98. Gold Grasper
    99. Grabbin' Garner
    100. Grandee Preston
    101. Great Doomfield
    102. Grim Dimi
    103. Grim Jim Spain
    104. Grisly Chisholm
    105. Grog Mayles
    106. Grog Swill Hill
    107. Grog Swillin' Dillon
    108. Guillaume Le Terrible
    109. Gun 'Em Down Dunham
    110. Gunnin' Gulliver
    111. Hannes Shipwrecke
    112. Heave To Hughes
    113. Hellbound Ellis
    114. Hoardin' Agnew
    115. Hole Em' Hollands
    116. Hold Fast Holland
    117. Hook Handy Burt
    118. Hornpipe Holmes
    119. Horrendisett
    120. Horrifying Hunt
    121. Horth Of The North
    122. Huge Hoard Ward
    123. Ill Manners Smith
    124. Ill Will Hinds
    125. Iron Bryan Smyth
    126. Iron Johnson
    127. Jacob Scourgegaard
    128. Jessica Bonebreaker
    129. Jewels Williams
    130. Jolly Prodger
    131. John Traitor
    132. Jorge El Fuerte
    133. Josh The Dosh
    134. Katie O' Nine Tails
    135. Katrine o' Nine Tails
    136. Katie Tyrant
    137. Keelhaul Cartwright
    138. Keelhaul King
    139. Keith Steals Ale
    140. Kill Again Milligan
    141. Kraken Beater Orlowski
    142. Kwoken
    143. Lady Katherine
    144. Lash Me Barnard
    145. Last Dawn Davies
    146. Last Laugh Efraim
    147. Leighvil Loveday
    148. Logun
    149. Long John Bradshaw
    150. Lootin' Lauren
    151. Lootin' Liz Burton
    152. Lootin' Lobacz
    153. Lord Lloyd
    154. Lordly Clark
    155. Lorenzo The Assassina
    156. Lost At Sea Kuczynski
    157. Lucky Lawrence
    158. Lucky Lukasz
    159. Lucky Luke Gracie
    160. Mad Dog McNulty
    161. Mad Man Baran
    162. Mad Miss Tina
    163. Mad Oli
    164. Mahon 'Of War
    165. Maim Me Stirling
    166. Maims Griffiths
    167. Malicious Malham
    168. Mark Grandrews
    169. Maroonin' Masella
    170. Martin Adrift
    171. Matey Marlow
    172. Matt Doom All
    173. Max Picaroon
    174. Mayhem Machacek
    175. McGrath O' Great Wrath
    176. Me Hearty Milne
    177. Meaner T'Sjoen
    178. Meenbeard
    179. Merry Berry
    180. Mighty McFarlane
    181. Mike The Mutinous
    182. Miller The Killer
    183. Mister Cur Johnson
    184. Mitchell Munter Pirate Hunter
    185. Monstrous Morris
    186. Musket Mike
    187. Nastalie Oberg
    188. Ne'er Trust ‘Im Bell
    189. Never Yield Field
    190. Neelke Skull Cracker
    191. 'Nick It' Nicholson
    192. Nightmare Ang
    193. No Deal Atkinson
    194. No Mercier
    195. No Quarter Norris
    196. No Truce Nesbit
    197. Ofri Scar
    198. Okon The Condemned
    199. Orrible Ollive
    200. Payne Killer
    201. Parrley
    202. Paul Cunningscam
    203. Peglegory
    204. Peter Deathknell
    205. Pilfering Piasecki
    206. Pinch It Finch
    207. Pistol Proof Palmer
    208. Plunderin' Parkes
    209. Pretty Paulie Collins
    210. Quick Dicken
    211. Raidin' Bower
    212. Raidin Zalewski
    213. Ram 'Em Retnasamy
    214. Rammin' Hamlin
    215. Red Jed
    216. Red Rage Timmins
    217. Rhys O' Eight
    218. Rich Bludgeons
    219. Rickam El Rojo
    220. Rob 'Em Stothard
    221. Robbing Ronowski
    222. Robdog
    223. Rowdy Rodak
    224. Rumi Gillig
    225. Run Yer Thru Stevens
    226. Ryan Scurvyson
    227. Sam Chester Treasure
    228. Scam You All Joyce
    229. Scar Lots De Abreu
    230. Scareface Chase
    231. Scarred Pritchard
    232. Scourge Orton
    233. Sea Legs Lucas
    234. Shady Jones
    235. Shameful Shane Scott
    236. Shan't Tell Porritt
    237. Shantyroinen
    238. Shark Bait Wilson
    239. Shark Bite Wright
    240. Shelley Pressgang
    241. Shifty Shuvojit
    242. Shipwrecks Flynn
    243. Shipwrecky Hewitt
    244. Sink 'em Simkin
    245. Sly Dog Soltani
    246. Sneaky Snookes
    247. So Mean Guidot
    248. Spew Hard Benson
    249. Stealin Styles
    250. Stern Heart Holland
    251. Stowaway Longdin
    252. Stowaway Thomas
    253. Sure Shot Shaw
    254. Swabertson
    255. Tall Tale Mikael
    256. Tha' Damned Park
    257. Tha' Vile Vincent
    258. The Duncan Sailor
    259. The Gent Clement
    260. The Great White
    261. The Greater White
    262. The Man McMahan
    263. The Scourge Oberg
    264. The Wild Grover
    265. Thief O'Keeffe
    266. Thievin' Frost
    267. Thomas Skullvanny
    268. Three Sheets Neate
    269. Tie 'Em Up Tysdal
    270. Tom Picaroon
    271. Tom Thunder
    272. Topdog Topham
    273. Topher Twinsword
    274. Tough Luck
    275. Treachereiss
    276. Treacherous Todd
    277. Tricky Abell
    278. Trigger Happy Tristan
    279. Two-Faced Tuohy
    280. Tyrant Skilton
    281. Typhoonan
    282. Vasil Stormatov
    283. Vicious Vic
    284. Watch Yer Backson
    285. Wheeler the Stealer
    286. Whip 'Em Whapples
    287. Wildfire Wilkins
    288. Wild Man Whittemore
    289. Wily Whelpton
    290. Wily Whaley
    291. Witgold
    292. Wolf Doswell
    293. Wong John Silver
    294. Wrath of Martin
    295. Xander Slashwell
    296. Yo Ho Hentze
    297. Yo-Ho-Hohan
    298. Zoe Banshee
  • Trivia[]

    • Multiple Skeleton Captains can spawn on the same voyage and share the same name.