Skeleton Lords were once human pirates who sailed around the world of Sea of Thieves. Unlike ordinary skeletons, skeleton lords appeared to possess very human conscience, and also appear to have more self driven and unique goals than that of ordinary, mindless killing skeletons.

Skeleton Lords can be found as multiple bosses throughout the world, most often seen in the Tall Tales and in the Cursed Sails campaigns. They often possess special abilities and attacks unlike normal skeletons, special voice lines and put up much more of a fight than average skeletons and skeleton captains.

Known skeleton lords

  • Captain Flameheart - A notorious Pirate Lord in the world of Sea of Thieves, once a scholar, who wrote the book Tales from the Sea of Thieves. was the Captain of the Silverblade. He and his crew became cursed by a goblet turning them into Skeletons - His cannons are mentioned in the Cursed Sails campaign.
  • The Gold Hoarder - Once a Gold Hoarder known as Rathbone consumed by greed. He roams on an endless quest for gold and jewels, replacing parts of his decaying body with the treasures and protecting his large quantity of gold he collects. The Gold Hoarder is a fearsome Skeleton Lord; he became a lord after sitting on a golden throne in a strange cave located in The Shores Of Gold which gave him a curse similar to Flameheart and Wanda.
  • Captain Briggsy - Once a Captain who would visit the tavern at Ancient Spire Outpost and talk with the barkeep when she was a little girl. She is the first Lord to be faced in hand-to-hand combat in the Tall Tales (second officially faced as Captain Warsmith was the first official Lord faced).
  • Graymarrow - Responsible for hunting down the Morningstar and her crew, and cursing their souls so the cannot pass on. He is a nuisance for the Ferryman, who wishes to see his curse broken and the captured souls freed. Defeating him grants the final piece for the Shroudbreaker.
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