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Skeleton Lords
Skeleton Lords.png
Type Encounter
Behaviour Hostile

Skeleton Lords are a type of Skeleton, often found as Boss Encounters in Sea of Thieves.


Skeleton Lords are cursed individuals who were formerly human pirates, but for one reason or another became cursed, transforming into their Skeleton Lord forms. Unlike other Skeletons, Skeleton Lords retain most of their memories, their human conscience, and have more autonomous and unique purposes. They can be seen as commanders of lesser Skeletons, innately possessing mastery over them as well as the knowledge of Skeleton Glyphs.

Types of Skeleton Lords[]

Some Skeleton Lords are fought during Boss Encounters, such as in Tall Tales and Raids. Skeleton Lords all have a large health pool (varying depending on Crew size for Tall Tales) and possess high-damage abilities. They can equip either a Cutlass, Pistol, or Blunderbuss, create a large damaging shockwave that pushes any Pirates back in the air, summon additional Skeletons to aid them, Teleport when surrounded or eat Fruit when low on health.

Boss Encounters[]

Tall Tales Boss Encounters[]

The following Skeleton Lords can be fought against during Tall Tales. They share their moveset with slight visual differences. The health of these Lords is dependent on the Crew size or number of people attempting to fight them.

  • Captain Briggsy: Encountered during The Cursed Rogue Tall Tale. Briggsy was a legendary pirate that sought the Shores of Gold. After finding the island, she became trapped, slowly falling under the skeleton curse. She became infamous across the Sea of Thieves for being a Skeleton Lord, and desperately searched for a cure to the curse. Finally put to rest by the player during the Tall Tale.
  • Graymarrow: Encountered during Revenge of the Morningstar Tall Tale. Graymarrow is a ruthless Skeleton Lord that sought the Shores of Gold, with the power to bind his enemies souls to ensure they cannot return via the Ferry of the Damned. After stealing a Shroudbreaker Stone from the crew of the Morningstar, he laid in hibernation, waiting for clues of the Shroudbreaker to appear.
  • The Gold Hoarder: Encountered during the Shores of Gold (Quest). The pirate known as Rathbone, who was consumed by greed, unwittingly cursed from sitting on an ancient golden throne in a strange cave within the Sea Of Thieves. The Gold Hoarder is a fearsome Skeleton Lord, founder of the Gold Hoarders Trading Company, on an endless quest for plunder, replacing parts of his decaying body with the gold from the Treasures he collects.

Fort of the Damned[]

The Fort of the Damned Raid Encounter has the Ghost of Graymarrow as a boss. The Ghost, while silent, shares most of its moves with the live Captain Graymarrow from the Tall Tale. He always has the same amount of health. Ghost of Graymarrow drops a Fort of the Damned Key, which opens the Fort Vault hiding various high-value Treasures.

Skeleton Fort Encounters[]

The Skeleton Fort World Event can spawn one of three Skeleton Lords as the final boss. These Lords have the same moveset at the Tall Tale Skeleton Lords, but different animations. Their health does not scale like the Tall Tale Lords and they are also considerably weaker than the Ghost of Graymarrow. They drop a Stronghold Skull, Skeleton's Orders leading to a Rag and Bone Crate and the Stronghold Key opening the locked Fort Vault. In the Fort of Fortune world event, all three skeleton lords will spawn to take on the crews.

Ashen Lords Encounters[]

The Ashen Winds and Fort of Fortune World Events can spawn one of the four Ashen Lords loyal to Captain Flameheart. These Lords have roughly the same amount of health as the Ghost of Graymarrow. They have a unique Fire and Ash themed moveset and are much more talkative than other Skeleton Lords. The fight has three phases, each giving the Lords access to more powerful attacks. The lords drop an Ashen Winds Skull that can be used as a Flamethrower type Weapon, or sold. The fight also rewards Players with roughly 15 Devil's Roar Treasure Items.

Other Skeleton Lords[]

  • Captain Flameheart Senior - A powerful Skeleton Lord, once a scholar who sought adventure, he now dreams of seeing the Sea of Thieves burn. He bound his soul to his skull in order to avoid defeat, and to be brought back to power by his followers when the time was right.
  • Captain Flameheart Junior - Flameheart Senior's son, drawn to the Sea of Thieves by the stories his father would tell him when he was young. Became a Skeleton Lord by drinking from a mysterious chalice offered to him by Cap'n in exchange for Junior's allegiance. Eventually took on the moniker of The Servant of the Flame, residing in the Reaper's Hideout, works to further his father's agenda.
  • Wanda (Captain Warsmith/The Masked Stranger) - Former Weaponsmith at Golden Sands Outpost; She became cursed from experimenting on a cannon from Flameheart's ship, the Burning Blade, creating Cursed Cannonballs in the process. As Captain Warsmith she rebelled against the Outposts, captaining the Sandman's Revenge during Cursed Sails but was defeated in battle. She would later return as the mysterious Masked Stranger, overseeing the construction of the Reaper's Hideout and Flameheart's initial return. Wanda would eventually abandon her allegiance to Flameheart in favour of joining Cap'n as part of his Dark Brethren.
  • Cap'n - Perhaps the most mysterious of all Skeleton Lords, very little is known about him. He met Flameheart Junior and told him that he was once Captain of The Burning Blade, before Flameheart Senior supposedly took the ship for himself. The Cap'n also seemingly has a deep hatred for other Skeleton Lords.