Skeleton Ships are NPC vessels that were introduced in the Cursed Sails. They are Galleon-like vessels but completely controlled by a skeleton crew...literally.


  • Skeleton Ships appear in two ways, rising up next to a players ship or found roaming the seas. When a Skeleton Ship is about to rise a large croak will be heard, soon after the ship will rise and will not attack the player immidately, if the crew fires a Cannon or Weapon at it the Skeletons will start to arm the Cannons and prepare to fire. If a Skeleton Ship is nearby when roaming it will start to attack whether or not Weapons are fired at it.



  • Each Skeleton Ship uses different types of cursed cannonballs, all varying over the course of the Cursed Sails Event.
  • Skeleton Ships have different types of loot on board.
  • The anchor on these Ships cannot be dropped and the helm cannot be turned. However, using an Anchorball and Helmball will have the same effect as they do on regular Ships.
  • The Megalodon can attack the Skeleton Ships.
  • Skeleton Ships used to rise up from the seas during the Cursed Sails event, which used to be described on the standards that were found on some of the Outposts, reading the banner tells you where the event was located and where skeleton ships could be located. This has since been removed.

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