The Skeleton Throne is a Bilge Rat Adventure that was added to Sea of Thieves during the first free weekly event in June 2018. The event required players to find and collect all 10 Skeleton Thrones and lasted for two weeks. These were large wooden chairs that were hidden all over the game in different locations. Finding and sitting on them would reward the player with commendations and Bilge Rat Doubloons. The event is now over and doubloons are no longer available.

There are ten chairs total, five large and five small. To collect the small ones, the player only needed to sit in it themselves. To collect the large ones, two pirates would need to sit together, and they would have to be from different crews. Once all the thrones were unlocked, the player would receive two titles.

Reaching the thrones could be difficult and require the pirate to launch themselves in the correct direction using their boat's cannon. It was easier if the boat and the throne were the same level. Launching towards the feet of the chair would generally place the player in the chair. If the cannon had to be aimed upward, the the projectory would be off somewhat, sending the pirate slightly higher than where the cannon was aimed. Aiming at the feet of the chair, when they couldn't be seen, would end in disaster. 


This list, compiled by a reddit user shows the locations of the thrones.

  • Shipwreck Bay - Large - On a small island to the north.
  • Plunder Outpost - Large - To the east, up high on a cliff's edge.
  • Marauder's Arch - Large - At the southern tip of the arch.
  • Cannon Cove - Large - At the top of the highest rock in a large hole.
  • Smuggler's Bay (offshore) - Large - As you move West towards map grid D2, there's a throne on the third offshore *rock.
  • Thieves' Haven - Small - On a rock on the east side.
  • Devil's Ridge - Small - Underneath a ridge on the northern end of the island.
  • Hidden Spring Keep - Small - Use the south west cannon to fire yourself to the very top of the keep.
  • Map K9 - Small - Under the water in a small uncharted island. 
  • Mermaid's Hideaway - Small - Adjacent to the southern peak.

Market Items (available from Duke)




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