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Skeleton Thrones
Skeleton Thrones Event.png
Type Content Update
Patch 1.1.2
Duration June 13th – June 28th, 2018
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Update Chronology
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The Hungering Deep Gunpowder Skeletons (Event)
The Bilge Rats have built skeleton thrones in some far-flung places - why not take a seat?

The Skeleton Thrones was the first update to introduce players to Bilge Rat Adventures, a series of time-limited in-game challenges. Added with the 1.1.2 patch, it ran from June 13th - June 28th, 2018. The update introduced 10 hidden Skeleton Thrones to the Sea of Thieves and a handful of time-limited cosmetics.


Ten Skeleton Thrones were hidden at various locations for keen-eyed Pirates to find and sit on. For every Throne that players found and sat on, they earned the new currency, the Bilge Rat Doubloons, to unlock time-limited cosmetics or convert to gold or reputation. 10 Skeleton Thrones were added to the game, 5 small and 5 large. The Small Thrones need a single player to Sit on it, upon which they could acquire 8 Bilge Rat Doubloons. The Large Thrones required co-operation as they needed at least two people from different crews to sit on the Throne to receive 12 Bilge Rat Doubloons per Throne. The locations of the Thrones themselves were hinted at in the Skeleton Thrones Commendations. Two Titles were awarded to Players who sat on all of the Small or Large thrones. The Thrones, Titles and related Commendations were a permanent addition to the game, with the Doubloon gains and related Cosmetics being Time-Limited to 2 week duration of the update.

Skeleton Thrones[]

10 Skeleton Thrones were permanently added to the game:

Single Crew Thrones:

  • Sit in the Throne Beneath the Ridge - On Devil's Ridge, North-East, on a tilted rock under the main peak of the Island. Can be reached with the use of a ship's cannons or by dropping from the peak above.
  • Retreat to the Throne's Haven - On Thieves' Haven, on a small rock in the water in the Eastern part of the Island. This can be jumped on from atop the ship's Crow's Nest or sword-lunged from the nearby rocks.
  • Take a Seat in the Throne Beneath the Waves - Under the Uncharted Island (K-9), inside an underwater cave, South from the middle of the Island.
  • Rest in the Throne that Keeps Watch - Despite the description seemingly hinting Kraken Watchtower, this Throne is actually located on Hidden Spring Keep. Placed on the tallest tower of the Fort. This can be easily reached by using a cannon on the South West tower structure in the Sea.
  • Rest in the Throne that is Hidden Away - On Mermaid's Hideaway, East, on a spire of rocks. Requires the ship's cannons or the cannon on the island West of the Throne to access. Expert players can sword-lunge themselves to the Throne.

Multiple Crew Thrones:

  • Plunder the Secret Throne - On Plunder Outpost, in the middle of the Rocky Peak above the Outpost. Ship's cannons are required to reach this Throne.
  • Sit in the Throne Amongst the Wreckage - On Shipwreck Bay, atop the North-Eastern rocky spire. The Throne can be accessed by climbing a broken Mast South of the Throne and sword-lunging or jumping the gap.
  • Rest in the Cove's Secret Throne - On Cannon Cove, inside the large rocky formation in the middle of the Island. Close to the Festival of the Damned Lantern. Can be accessed with the ship's cannons.
  • Smuggle into the Throne Close to the Bay - Nearby Smuggler's Bay, on a smaller rock formation in the Open Seas, North-West of the Island. Can be reached by cannons or by lunging from a Crow's Nest.
  • Maraud in the Throne Found Up High - On the highest spire on Marauder's Arch. This can be accessed by using the ship's cannons.

Time-limited items[]

These time-limited items were offered for purchase from Duke for the duration of Skeleton Thrones and are no longer available for purchase.


The following Commendations were added to the Game under the Bilge Rats category:


The following Titles were added:

Name Requirement
"Hero of Thrones" Title You earned all small Skeleton Throne commendations.
"Master of Thrones" Title You earned all Skeleton Throne commendations.