Skeletons are the most common enemy in Sea of Thieves. They spawn on islands and fortresses, and come out at both Day and at Night. When spawning, they crawl out of the ground.

Certain instances allow them to heal by eating Bananas or cause them to flee in terror temporarily when attack.

They can also use cannons from their towers and camps, attacking from afar but they are inaccurate in this fashion.


Skeletons can appear wielding various items to attack with, confronting them would require various strategies

Photo Name Description Ideal Tactic
Armed Skeletons Skeletons armed with weapons from each type (Cutlass, Eye of Reach, Blunderbuss and Pistols) Their attack varies. Depending on the variant, short-ranged skeletons can be handled accordingly but those with an EoR or pistol should be shot at range.
Gunpowder Skeletons Skeletons spawn with a gunpowder keg in their hands. They charge and ignite the fuse when close by. Short-ranged combat is really ill-advised. Use a Flintlock or Eye of Reach to dispatch them. Ideally, detonate their kegs when near other enemies.
Unarmed Skeletons Skeletons who use their hands to punch and smack their foes. No specific strategy is needed, although avoid getting crowded by them.


Other Skeletons can come in different variations, giving them certain buffs and weaknesses, making the players time killing them either more challenging, or much easier.

  • Plant Skeletons
    • Notable features/attributes - Covered in plants; Stronger in the water; Take more damage from the Cutlass.
    • Description: These Skeletons are a bit easier to fight compared to the other variants. They are covered with vegetation, such as bush leaves, seaweed, and vines. It is advised to keep these Skeletons away from water and avoid fighting them in the rain, as it buffs the Skeleton's health, regenerating it, and makes the vegetation covering them grow acting as additional 'armor'. Cutlasses do much more damage against this variation as well. To this variant guns do reduced damage compared to other variants.
  • Shadows Skeletons
    • Notable features/attributes - Dark and Shadowy body structure with glowing eyes; Stronger in the dark; Weaker in the light.
    • Description: These Skeletons are all black and very shadowy, hence their name. What is most notable about them is their favor of the darkness. When they're in the dark of any kind (night time, shade, caves), they become more powerful, allowing them to take much more damage before dying. Their weakness is the light, so it is highly recommended to engage these variants during the day. If that isn't an option, then shining a lantern on them can also help weaken them.
  • Gold Skeletons
    • Notable features/attributes - Covered in Gold; Water slows and weakens them; Cutlass does reduced damage.
    • Description: These Skeletons are one of the more difficult ones to fight, as they're covered head to toe in items such as coins, chalices, and even plating in general. These skeletons are much more resistant to damage from the Cutlass, but more susceptible to gunfire. Their major weakness is water, which causes them to rust, slow down, and take more damage from all weapons. It is recommended to lure these Skeletons to a pond or the shore of an island, instantly causing them to slow down. If that is not a viable option, then splashing them with water from a bucket will stun them in the same fashion, but only for a limited time.
  • Gunpowder Skeletons
    • Notable features/attributes - Wield Gunpowder Barrels; light the fuse of the barrels and charge at players, blowing up themselves, other skeletons and players. These skeletons let out a war-cry like yell when charging at players.
    • Description: These Skeletons can be outran if players get a head-start, but they are a lot quicker than the usual skeleton when the fuse is lit on the barrel. These skeletons can be defeated if the barrel is shot or if the player manages to hit the skeleton itself. They share the same look and health as a standard skeleton. They can also appear as every other variant; Gold, Plant and Shadow.


  • When encountering a group of armed Skeletons on a voyage or at a Fortress be cautious about how you take them out, all of them firing upon the player simultaneously can be very deadly.
  • Skeletons can also be found shooting Cannons at the Player's Ship from Forts or Islands, when these Skeletons are encountered up close they either run off or stay and fight.
  • As of patch 1.04 Skeletons have attire varying in color rather than the standard blue seen in the Beta. Colors include: Purple, Green, Red, Blue, and Pink.
  • Canons or Gunpowder Barrels can be very effective against large groups of Skeletons.
  • Despite Golden skeletons being covered in Gold, they still rust when water is tossed over them when in fact gold does not rust.


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