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Sloop side.png
Crew Max of 2
Cannons 2
Length Cleats 2 Rigs
Angle Pulleys 2 Rigs
Food 2 Barrels (16 Stock)
Cannonballs 2 Barrels (40 Stock)
Planks 1 Barrel (15 Stock)

The Sloop is the smallest Ship type in Sea of Thieves. Choosing the Sloop at the start of the game will allow yourself and up to one other player to comprise the crew.

Sloops are small, trading increased fragility for better maneuverability. With fewer Cannons than a Brigantine or a Galleon, Sloops may find themselves disadvantaged in battles of attrition, however capable deckhands can maneuver their Sloop at advantageous positions and take down bigger ships with careful positioning and firing placement. The Sloop has a single-masted split-deck design and can be maintained by just one person. The sloop has two decks in the stern with the upper deck for helm and sail controls and lower deck for the Map Table, Voyage Table, Weapon and Ammo Chest. At the bow, the upper deck holds the Cannons and two Cannonball Barrels, while the lower deck houses a single Plank and two Fruit Barrels and a Stove for cooking. The Brig is mostly cosmetic on a sloop, as without exploits, crew members are unable to get enough votes to lock anyone down there. Holes in the front of the Sloop will be below the waterline and take in water. Holes in the rear of the Sloop will be just above the waterline and only take on small amounts of water unless the lower deck is flooded or the ship is hit with a Ballastball. This means that the Sloop has an advantage over the larger Brigantine as it takes longer to sink. Since the Sloop has only one sail, it has a major advantage sailing into the wind when being chased by larger ships.

The Sloop can be identified at a distance by its single mast and single mainsail.