Smuggler’s Fortune

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Smuggler's Fortune
Smuggler’s Fortune.png
Type Content Update
Patch 2.0.7
Duration September 11, 2019 - October 16, 2019
Location Duke
Update Chronology
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Dark Relics (Content Update) Fort of the Damned (Content Update)

Smuggler’s Fortune - (11th September, 2019 - 16 October, 2019)

Following the delivery of Reaper’s Chests to Duke during Dark Relics, he’s now managed to crack open the chests and reap the valuable items inside. Unfortunately, alongside all the treasures, it turns out that many of the Reaper’s Chests simply contained bones, rags and shards that Duke has no idea what to do with, so he’s been burying it all at Shipwreck Bay until he can figure out a more sustainable plan. In comes Stitcher Jim, claiming he’s turned over a new leaf and wanting to prove himself.

New Features[edit | edit source]

Reaper’s Grave Voyages[edit | edit source]

The Smuggler's Fortune Content Update features new Mercenary Voyages that can be purchased from Duke at any Tavern:

New items[edit | edit source]

Rag & Bone Crates[edit | edit source]

Main article: Rag & Bone Crates

Along with the new Mercenary Voyages, players will be able to fetch or dig up new kind of Cargo Crates filled with Bones. While these may seem worthless at first glance, Duke is willing to pay out Doubloons for any of these Crates that are delivered in time. If the due date is missed, he is more than happy to pay out some Gold.

Storage Crates[edit | edit source]

Main article: Storage Crate

There is now a chance to find washed-up Storage Crates out there in the world. These crates can be carried and used to store anything that you could put into a barrel!

Duke’s Black Market[edit | edit source]

Time-limited items[edit | edit source]

With the introduction of Duke’s Black Market, there is a bigger variety of Items available for purchase with both Doubloons and Gold. These Items were some of the things Duke found in the Reaper’s Chests that were delivered to him during the Dark Relics Event. This time, none of the Time-limited Items are tied to Voyage Completions and can be directly purchased from Duke. This month's featured Items are select items from the new Fearless Bone Crusher Set and Deep Ocean Crawler Set:

Desirables for Doubloons

Goodies for Gold

The Pirate Emporium[edit | edit source]

Main article: Pirate Emporium

The Pirate Emporium is finally open for business with exclusive Items that can only be purchased with the new currency of Ancient Coins. Ancient Coins can be acquired in Bundles for real money or dropped by the new and very rare Ancient Skeletons. The following Items are introduced to the Pirate Emporium with the Smuggler's Fortune Update.

Pets[edit | edit source]

Main article: Pets

Players will be able to buy and take companion Pets along with them on their adventures. The Emporium starts out with a selection of two Monkey species, Capuchins and Barbarys and two Parrot species, Macaws and Parakeets. Additionally, players can buy Pet Outfits for their Pets.

Monkeys[edit | edit source]



Parrots[edit | edit source]



Emotes[edit | edit source]

The Emporium introduces 8 new Emotes into the game with the Emote Variety Bundle I. The new emotes can be equipped at any Vanity Chest.

Emote Variety Bundle I

Bear & Bird Ship Collection[edit | edit source]

Main article: Bear & Bird Set

Finally, the Emporium offers an exclusive Bear & Bird Ship Set that pays homage to Rare's other series Banjo and Kazooie.

Bear & Bird Ship Bundle

Collector's Bear & Bird Items

Commendations + Titles[edit | edit source]

Commendations[edit | edit source]

The Following Commendations are available as a part of the Smuggler's Fortune Event. Some of these are time-limited.

Permenant Commendations[edit | edit source]

Time-limited Commendations[edit | edit source]

  • Grave Digger → Complete a 'Reaper's Grave' Voyage. (time-limited) +5 Doubloon.png
  • Money For Old Bones → Complete 3 'Reaper's Grave' Voyages. (time-limited) +10 Doubloon.png
  • Wild Dash → Deliver a Rag and Bone Crate on time to The Wild Treasures Store. (time-limited) +5 Doubloon.png
  • Three Paces Race → Deliver a Rag and Bone Crate on time to The Three Paces East Seapost. (time-limited) +5 Doubloon.png
  • Chasing the North Star → Deliver a Rag and Bone Crate on time to The North Star Seapost. (time-limited) +5 Doubloon.png
  • Stephen's Spoils Sprint → Deliver a Rag and Bone Crate on time to Stephen's Spoils Seapost. (time-limited) +5 Doubloon.png
  • Plenty of Speed → Deliver a Rag and Bone Crate on time to The Spoils of Plenty Seapost. (time-limited) +5 Doubloon.png
  • Fast and Finest → Deliver a Rag and Bone Crate on time to The Finest Trading Post. (time-limited) +5 Doubloon.png
  • Bazaar Boost → Deliver a Rag and Bone Crate on time to Brian's Bazaar Seapost. (time-limited) +5 Doubloon.png
  • Racing Traders → Deliver a Rag and Bone Crate on time to Roaring Traders Seapost. (time-limited) +5 Doubloon.png
  • Lost and Scoundrel → Find and speak to Stitcher Jim. (time-limited) +5 Doubloon.png
  • Merchant of Death → Deliver a Rag and Bone Crate to all eight Seaposts on time. +25 Doubloon.png

Titles[edit | edit source]

The following are all the Titles available during the Smuggler's Fortune Event

Title Requirement
Bone Haul Bearer Deliver 50 Rag and Bone Crates to their respective Seaposts. (Bone Haul Bearer Commendation).
Bone Haul Bandit Deliver 10 stolen Rag and Bone Crates to their respective Seaposts. (Bone Haul Bandit Commendation).
Merchant of Death Deliver a Rag and Bone Crate to all eight Seaposts on time. (Merchant of Death Commendation).

Gallery of Loading Screens[edit | edit source]