Sea of Thieves Wiki
Type Creature
Behaviour Hostile
(Pacified by music)
Location Various Islands

Snakes are Creatures in Sea of Thieves. They are sometimes requested by the Merchant Alliance. When a pirate gets near a snake, it will start hissing. If a pirate stays near the snake, it will attack them with a spray of venom. They can be caught in baskets. Snakes can be charmed if a pirate plays music near it, causing it to sway, cease hissing, and not attack. Be aware that snakes can still attack the player while in their baskets, especially while being carried unless the snake is currently charmed. As of the Anniversary Update, snakes can be killed for snake meat and sold to the Hunter's Call or eaten.

It is strongly advised to keep snakes away from other creatures that have been captured, as the snake can kill them if nearby and agitated. It should also be noted that snakes can be used as traps, placing them near loot on the ship to help fight against hostile pirates looking to "inherit" some loot.

Types of Snake[]

There are four varieties of Snake, each with its own price of Gold.

A Snake is worth 10x more Gold when commissioned by Merchant Alliance voyages.

Type No Voyage Merchant Voyage
Red Striped Snake ~ 10 Gold ~ 100 Gold
Blue Dappled Snake ~ 30 Gold ~ 300 Gold
Black Scaled Snake ~ 70 Gold ~ 700 Gold
Golden Snake ~ 150 Gold ~ 1,500 Gold


Snake Meat[]

When a snake is killed it drops Snake Meat, which can be cooked and sold to The Hunter's Call.


  • Raw: Cannot be sold.
  • Under-cooked (50s): 40 Gold
  • Cooked (60s): 45 Gold
  • Burnt (120s): Gold


  • The Snake's appearance may have been inspired by the real life spitting cobras.

Patch history[]

  • 1.0.1
    • Snakes will now behave correctly, turning to face the player when agitated.
    • Animal movement around slopes has been improved.
  • First Release
    • Introduced.
    • Snake movement no longer appears jittery.