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Snake Basket
Snake Basket.png
Type Animal Crate
Location Islands
Source Merchant Alliance
Related Snake

A Snake Basket is an Animal Crate used for capturing, transporting and delivering Snakes to the Merchant Alliance Trading Company in Sea of Thieves.

Where to Find?[]

There are two sources for acquiring Snake Baskets. A crew can pick up a set amount of Snake Baskets from any Merchant Alliance Representative at Outposts if they pick up a Merchant Voyage that requires the delivery of Snakes. The number of Snake Baskets is equal to the number of requested Snakes on the Trade Good Ledger.

Singular Snake Baskets can also be found either beached or stashed away on Islands. They can appear on Islands that don't have Snakes on them.


A Snake Basket has no value on its own and cannot be sold back to the Merchant Alliance by itself. The Baskets are only valuable when carrying a Snake inside it. Player Crews will have to take the Basket to Islands that spawn Snakes and manually capture the Animals.

A Player Pirate can capture a Snake inside a Basket if they are holding the Basket in hand and are above a Snake. A prompt will appear, indicating that the Snake can be captured inside the Basket.While Snakes mostly stand still, players need to be careful as the Snakes can and will bite anyone nearby, leaving a player Poisoned. Players can play Instruments to calm Snakes down for a few seconds. Once captured, the Snake can then be delivered back to any Merchant Alliance Representatives on Outposts and sold for Gold and Reputation.

On their own, captured Snakes are not worth much Gold and Reputation. However, if a Crew has acquired a Trade Good Commission that requests the delivery of specific Snakes to a specific Outpost in time, completing the Commission will reward players with 10 times as much Gold and Reputation for the Animals.


There are four tiers of Snake, distinguished by their colouring, that can be captured in a Snake Basket.

A Snake is worth 10x more Gold when commissioned through a Merchant Voyage.

Tier Snake Without Commission With Commission
Tier 1 Red Striped Snake 10-25 Gold.png 100-250 Gold.png
Tier 2 Blue Dappled Snake 35-70 Gold.png 350-700 Gold.png
Tier 3 Black Scaled Snake 75-140 Gold.png 750-1,400 Gold.png
Tier 4 Golden Snake 155-280 Gold.png 1,550-2,800 Gold.png


  • Snakes can die inside the Snake Basket. Try to keep them safe from sources of damage like Cannonball fire, Fire and Weapons.
  • When a Snake dies in a Basket, it leaves behind Uncooked (or Burnt or Cooked when killed by fire) Snake (meat) on the floor of the Basket.
  • There is currently a bug in the game, which allows players to turn in Trade Good Commissions to virtually any Outpost for increased Gold, not just the Outpost marked on the Ledger. This can be used to sell an unlimited amount of a specific Animal, provided that Players have the Crates to capture the Animals.