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Snowbound Ship Lantern
Snowbound Ship Lantern.png
Type Lantern
Set Standalone Cosmetics
Source Season Five
Renown Level 50

The Snowbound Ship Lantern is a Lantern cosmetic variant from the Standalone Cosmetics Set.


The Snowbound Ship Lantern can be obtained by the following methods:

In-game description

"Not only is this a fine tool to light your path, it houses a tiny ship traversing frozen wastes. So hypnotic…"


  • The Lantern was used as a centerpiece during the Festival of Giving (2021) twitch streams on December 17th through 19th.
  • It's commonly referred to as "The Orb" by the community, a nickname that's even acknowledged by Rare in the From Concept to Cosmetic news post.
  • From a 3D creation perspective, there's no real difference between this and other lanterns, all the unique visual effects are entirely due to the VFX added afterwards.
  • According to Rare, this lantern uses one of the most complex shaders of any lantern currently in game.

Externals links[]

Double Quotations Left.png
"Once the Snowbound Ship Lantern was in-game, all we had to do was wait for you rapscallions to get your hands on it. Obviously, we had no idea that this festive lantern would transform into The Orb, leading to our surprise, delight and fear when the community started a mini-cult around it. For Andy C, seeing people take an item he helped make and run with it was a thrill."


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