Soulflame Face Paint Bundle
Soulflame Face Paint Bundle.png
Type Bundle
Set Soulflame
Shop Pirate Emporium
Cost 149  AncientCoin.png
A collection of four fateful Face Paints designed to send a shiver down the spine!

The Soulflame Face Paint Bundle is a collection of four Soulflame Set themed Makeup Cosmetics exclusively available for purchase from the Pirate Emporium for 149 Ancient Coins. Players can buy the Makeup individually for 49 Ancient Coins each. Any purchased Makeup can be equipped at a Vanity Chest.

List of bundled items

The Bundle Costs 149 Ancient Coins and includes 4 Makeup Cosmetics

Soulflame Face Paint Bundle
Image Item Cost Description
It’s Alive! Makeup 49  AncientCoin.png "If you're feeling dead on your feet, this is a great way to go about expressing your mood."
Raven Makeup 49  AncientCoin.png "These moody markings are perfect for spooking your enemis, as well as any nearby poets."
The Ferryman Makeup 49  AncientCoin.png "Markings that make your pirate resemble the infamous Captain of the Ferry of the Damned."
Witch Markings Makeup 49  AncientCoin.png "This design doesn't actually confer magical powers, but you can always lie and say it does."
  • Cost if purchased separately: 196  AncientCoin.png
  • Savings: 47  AncientCoin.png
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