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Soulflame Set
Soulflame Ship Set.jpg
Type Cosmetic Set
Related Fate of the Damned
Cost 7,150,000 Gold
Cost 5,086 Ancient Coins

The Soulflame Set is a Cosmetic Set in Sea of Thieves themed around the Halloween Event called Festival of the Damned. The Soulflame Set was made available during the third Halloween Content Update: Fate of the Damned. The Majority of the Set items can be unlocked by progressing through challenges and goals in the Fate of the Damned Event and Fate of the Damned Voyages that were available for a limited time during the October 2020 Content Update. These Items were moved to the Athena's Fortune Hideout Shops after the Content Update, where they are sold to anyone who has completed the Vanquishing the Damned Commendation.

Additionally, the full Ship Set and a handful of Makeup and Emotes are available exclusively from the Pirate Emporium.

Soulflame Crew Set Costumes[]

Any Pirate Legends who managed to complete all 24 Challenge goals of the Fated Fortune Challenges during the four weeks of the Fate of the Damned Event could buy the Soulflame Crew Set Costumes for themselves for a hefty sum of 1,000,000 Gold. Their price was raised to 5,000,000 Gold after the Event. The Crew Costume Set is composed of four Soulflame Set themed Costumes for a Captain and three Crewmates. The Crew Set Costumes are unique in that they become unlocked in the Clothing Chest for every Player Pirate in the same Crew with a Pirate Legend who has purchased the Soulflame Crew Set Costumes, allowing for the whole Crew to adopt a similar themed look.

Set Components[]


  • Total Cost: 5,000,000 Gold  Ancient Coins
Image Name Cost Rep Type In-game description
Soulflame Captain Costume.png
Soulflame Captain Costume Bundle Only
Costume "An ethereal ensemble befitting the Soulflame Captain, a terrifying Pirate Legend."
Soulflame First Crewmate Costume.png
Soulflame First Crewmate Costume Bundle Only
Costume "Ghostly garb worn by a crew loyal to their Soulflame Captain, a Pirate Legend."
Soulflame Second Crewmate Costume.png
Soulflame Second Crewmate Costume Bundle Only
Costume "Ghostly garb worn by a crew loyal to their Soulflame Captain, a Pirate Legend."
Soulflame Third Crewmate Costume.png
Soulflame Third Crewmate Costume Bundle Only
Costume "Ghostly garb worn by a crew loyal to their Soulflame Captain, a Pirate Legend."


  • Total Cost: 196 Ancient Coins
Image Name Cost Rep Type In-game description
It’s Alive! Makeup.png
It’s Alive! Makeup 49 Ancient Coins
Makeup "If you're feeling dead on your feet, this is a great way to go about expressing your mood."
Raven Makeup.png
Raven Makeup 49 Ancient Coins
Makeup "These moody markings are perfect for spooking your enemis, as well as any nearby poets."
The Ferryman Makeup.png
The Ferryman Makeup 49 Ancient Coins
Makeup "Markings that make your pirate resemble the infamous Captain of the Ferry of the Damned."
Witch Markings Makeup.png
Witch Markings Makeup 49 Ancient Coins
Makeup "This design doesn't actually confer magical powers, but you can always lie and say it does."


  • Total Cost: 150,000 Gold
Image Name Cost Rep Type In-game description
Soulflame Lantern.png
Soulflame Lantern 150,000 Gold
Lantern "This lantern seems to resemble the mask of a Soulfire Captain, but it couldn’t be - could it?"


  • Total Cost: 2,000,000 Gold
Image Name Cost Rep Type In-game description
Soulflame Blunderbuss.png
Soulflame Blunderbuss 500,000 Gold
Blunderbuss "The glow from within this blunderbuss is almost serene... at least until you pull the trigger."
Soulflame Cutlass.png
Soulflame Cutlass 500,000 Gold
Cutlass "A cutlass that glows with damned firelight. Use it to send a few souls the Ferryman’s way."
Soulflame Eye of Reach.png
Soulflame Eye of Reach 500,000 Gold
Eye of Reach "You may not be stealthy when carrying this weapon, but you'll certainly be intimidating!"
Soulflame Pistol.png
Soulflame Pistol 500,000 Gold
Pistol "The ghostly light shining from this pistol's barrel makes for a seriously scary sidearm."


  • Total Cost: 4,890 Ancient Coins
Image Name Cost Rep Type In-game description
Collector's Soulflame Figurehead.png
Collector's Soulflame Figurehead 799 Ancient Coins
Figurehead "The Ferryman himself would be proud to sport this damned Figurehead on the Ferry's prow."
Collector's Soulflame Sails.png
Collector's Soulflame Sails 799 Ancient Coins
Sails "The mask of a Soulflame Captain glowers balefully down from these scary sails."
Soulflame Cannon Flare.png
Soulflame Cannon Flare 349 Ancient Coins
Cannon Flare "You'll be turning the same shade of ethereal green, if you inhale any of this cannon flare's noxious smoke."
Soulflame Cannons.png
Soulflame Cannons 349 Ancient Coins
Cannons "Unleash the fury of the damned against your foes with these cadaverous cannons."
Soulflame Capstan.png
Soulflame Capstan 349 Ancient Coins
Capstan "This capstan is topped with ethereal fire. Try not to singe yourself when raising the anchor."
Soulflame Figurehead.png
Soulflame Figurehead 599 Ancient Coins
Figurehead "Which shipwright was brave enough to craft this fearsome figurehead? No-one will say..."
Soulflame Flag.png
Soulflame Flag 349 Ancient Coins
Flags "A single flame atop your mast helps cap off the ghoulish Soulflame ship set."
Soulflame Hull.png
Soulflame Hull 349 Ancient Coins
Hull "Cloak your vessel in the sombre tones of the recently deceased. Morbid but effective!"
Soulflame Sails.png
Soulflame Sails 599 Ancient Coins
Sails "Sails emblazoned with an image of the Well of Fates. Perfect for any aspiring soul collector."
Soulflame Wheel.png
Soulflame Wheel 349 Ancient Coins
Wheel "Keep your ship on course so you can celebrate Sea of the Damned without ending up there."


Patch history[]

  • 2.1.0
    • Added the Witch Markings Face Paint as an Season Two Plunder Pass reward.
  • 2.0.19
    • Introduced.
    • Added the Soulflame ship set to the emporium items.
    • Added the face paints as time-limited emporium items.
    • Added the Soulflame costumes, lantern, and weapons as event items.