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Spartan Set
Spartan Set.png
Type Cosmetic Set

The Spartan Set is a cosmetic Ship set themed around the Halo video game franchise, given out to players during special promotions.

The set was made available to all players who played Sea of Thieves between June 15-20th with only the sails, hull, flag and figurehead, then again between August 20-24th, 2019, adding the wheel, capstan, and cannons along with the previous items. To celebrate the gameplay reveal of Halo Infinite, players were given the opportunity to get these cosmetics via Twitch Drops between July 24-31st, 2020.

In November 2021, as a celebration of Halo Infinite's release and 20 years of Xbox, the original set would be given away to player who played between 12am Nov 24th – 4pm Dec 1st, 2021, then the additional Noble Spartan Sails and Flag would be rewards for playing between 12am Dec 1st – 4pm Dec 8th, 2021.

Set Components[]

This set contains only Ship components.


  • Total Cost: n/a
Name Cost Rep Type In-game description
Noble Spartan Flag n/a
n/a Flag "A flag adorned with a menacing skull atop two crossed swords - a truly legendary design."
Noble Spartan Sails n/a
n/a Sails "When the odds seem insurmountable, remember the endless determination of the Spartan Warrior."
Spartan Cannons n/a
n/a Cannons "These cannons have seen more than their share of warfare. What's one more battle?"
Spartan Capstan n/a
n/a Capstan "A well-oiled machine, not unlike the crew of fearless fighters that use it."
Spartan Figurehead n/a
n/a Figurehead "The imposing form of the Spartan warrior - a legendary master-of-arms who would finish the fight."
Spartan Flag n/a
n/a Flag "When this flag flies, true pirates always prevail - no matter the number of foes."
Spartan Hull n/a
n/a Hull "Chiefly painted in dark colours as best to infiltrate enemy waters under the cover of darkness."
Spartan Sails n/a
n/a Sails "Sails bearing the striking eagle of a noble alliance. Their motto: By Sea, By Land, By the Stars!"
Spartan Wheel n/a
n/a Wheel "Surely this battle-ready wheel could steer only the most indomitable of vessels."