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Stash Voyages
Ashen Chest Stash Voyage.png
Type Mercenary Voyage
Location Taverns
Company Bilge Rats icon.png Bilge Rats

Stash Voyages are special Mercenary Voyages available for purchase from the Bilge Rats at any Tavern in Sea of Thieves.


Most Stash Voyages are permanently available for purchase from the Bilge Rats Representative in every Outpost Tavern. The Voyages offer Players a way to immediately uncover an useful Bilge Rat Treasure for a high price.

Each of these Voyages give the Crew a single X Marks the Spot Map with one X at the closest Outpost in their current Region. The X always uncovers a single Bilge Rat Treasure, after which the Voyage is complete.

Stash Voyages[]