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Type NPC
Location Stephen's Spoils

Stephen is the Shopkeeper at Stephen's Spoils Seapost.


Dialogue icon.png

Ah, a fellow cutthroat! I'm Stephen, this is Stephen's Spoils. After a hard day's plundering, I make a tidy profit. But don't you get too close!

All your items are the spoils of combat?

Not all of them, no. I'm only one pirate!
But let's just say there's no refund if you buy a compass with a bloodstain on the back.
You may find holes in one or two of these shirts, too!
Complain if you like, just remember how I get my stock...

What brings you to The Ancient Isles?

It's a good place to get the jump on unsuspecting pirates!
And ambush stupid skellies for their boots!
From here, you could easily pillage Ancient Spire Outpost with a jet-black Sloop, sneaking in at midnight to burn the tents and steal their stuff...
To be honest, people prefer me to stay away.

Okay, I won't get too close...

Good! This is my seapost, I stole it fair and square!
A word of advice. You need to find something in this world that's yours, and then you defend it with everything you've got
If you don't stand for something, you'll sit for anything!
Find out what matters to you, pirate, and fight for it with your blood, sweat and tears.
That's the meaning of life!