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Type NPC
Location Morrow's Peak Outpost
Voice Actor Stevie Cole

Stevie is the shipwright on Morrow's Peak Outpost.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Dialogue icon.png

Don't you just stand there my dear, get comfortable! Now, 'sails sell best when the wind blows west'. And it did sever times this morning! Happy days!

Have you settled in at The Devil's Roar?

Oh yes! I'm doing a 'Roaring' trade, you might say!
It's just like I always say: 'if you build ships, they will come'!
There is ONE downside. That gloomy weapon seller gives me the creeps. But I'm sure I can cheer her up with my positive wisdom!

How do you stay so positive?

I just think of all the good things in life.
Sailing, exploring, plundering. Getting shiny new sails and a figurehead for your ship!
We have true freedom, here in the Sea of Thieves.
My mate Sue at Plunder Outpost gave me a great leaflet: 'How to be a Perfectly Positive Pirate'!

What's new in your shop?

Oh, I get new stock all the time, my dear.
I have an arrangement with the other Shipwrights, to get the latest designs.
Morrow's Peak may be out of the way, but it deserves to look good just as much as any other Outpost.
But don't worry if you can't afford something fancy, just sail with attitude!
'Style is always in fashion' as my old mum used to say!