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Stitcher Jim
Stitcher Jim.png
Type NPC
Location Unknown
Voice Actor Francis Magee[1]
Don’t do anything Jim would do! Hahahahaa.
— Stitcher Jim

Stitcher Jim is an ex-crew member of the Forsaken Shores Alliance, now the companion to the mysterious Masked Stranger, and member of the Bilge Rats.


Decades ago, Stitcher Jim was among the members of the alliance that explored The Devil's Roar. There he discovered the Box of Wondrous Secrets, and destroyed the alliance all except alliance leader Grace Morrow (who he jokingly calls Captain Sorrow), who survived his attempt to poison.

After the Devil's Roar was cleared of the shroud, Jim was located on the shores of Liar's Backbone, observing the area with his spyglass. He denied Grace's accusations - calling her a traitor and murderer, driven mad from living in the Devil's Roar. However, Grace uncovered evidence that proves his connection to the first Gold Hoarder, arousing suspicion of his ulterior motives. Stitcher didn't intend to escape from Grace because he had successfully retrieved his hidden Box of Wondrous Secrets, and was already progressing his plans with the Gold Hoarders.

Sometime later, Stitcher was marooned in the Devil's Roar on the verge of death, but a Masked Stranger gave him a second chance at life. Infatuated by his rescuer, he took his chance at salvation, repented, and joined the Bilge Rats to prove his reformation, going so far as to fill in for Duke as a Bilge Rat representative. However his position did not last long as Duke soon returned, and Stitcher Jim moved on, tending to unknown business.

Heart of Fire[]

Stitcher Jim's unknown business was revealed with the Heart of Fire Tall Tale, which had Player Crews use Grace Morrow's notes to track Jim down. The Players are led to Liar's Backbone to Stitcher Jim's Hideout, where they find out about the Masked Stranger's identity being Wanda, and about Jim's plans to resurrect Captain Flameheart as his new lord after the defeat of the Gold Hoarder. Players can read five of Jim's Journals during the Tall Tale, where his motivations for joining the Bilge Rats and releasing Pendragon are revealed. The Journals also reveal that Flameheart tasked Jim with cursing the crew of the Blackwyche inside a Chest of Rage in order to summon an Ashen Lord.

At the end of the Tall Tale, Jim gets burned and betrayed by Flameheart, with Flameheart indicating that Jim is on his way to becoming an Ashen Lord.


Current Dialogue[]

Stitcher Jim's last appeared in Heart of Fire. For his dialogue from the Tall Tale, see Heart of Fire.

Previous Dialogue[]

No dialogue available.

Stitcher Jim left his position as Bilge Rat shopkeeper, disappearing without a trace. The Masked Stranger hints at Jim tending to "important business".

Found in Taverns, standing in for Duke, tending to Bilge Rats duties.

Dialogue icon.png

Care to browse the Black Market, help me deliver some gifts, or are you here to take on some Skeleton Lords? Yep, you heard right!

Skeleton Lords?! That’s bad news!

You bet. I’ve heard of three Skeleton Lords rising up, taking over Forts and hiding their Ashen Chests within. Seems we rattled some ribcages.
These Tomes are different - Ashen Tomes of Power. I want all five chapters.
Remember, Ashen Chests and Keys can also be found while exploring. Skeleton ships with Skull Clouds above are likely to have a Chest too.

You have gifts to deliver?

Well, a shipment of gifts came drifting in through the Shroud, but it sank. Odd! Who goes around delivering wrapped gifts to strangers?
I can offer Voyages to help you find the gifts, but please deliver them to my love, in my name? Help me prove my devotion!
She’s waiting at The Reaper’s Hideout. That’s the name she chose for that little isle, east of Wanderer’s Refuge. She’s so creative!
Take her a gift and I’m sure she’ll share some Doubloons. Maybe I’ve gone soft, but you could even leave gifts there for other crews to cash in.

When will Duke be back?

I haven’t heard from him. We’ll just have to trust that he knows what he’s doing.
Larinna isn’t always easy to find. The Bilge Rats don’t really have a structure, like the Gold Hoarders or Merchant Alliance.
Like most of us Bilge Rats, she spends her time doing dangerous stuff, exploring strange places, or drinking. We’ll have to be patient.

Found in Taverns, standing in for Duke, tending to Bilge Rats duties.

Dialogue icon.png

Look! I’m finally a member of the Bilge Rats and I’m even watching over Duke’s business! Such an honour. I suppose you’re here about the Ashen Tomes?

What’s this about Ashen Tomes, Jim?

My old master said the Ashen Tomes tell the secrets of the vile Ashen Lords. The skellies have been hoarding them, inside Ashen Chests!
We must get hold of some. You’ll find Ashen Chests by defeating Ashen Guardians, or look for the tellatale clouds that reveal Skeleton Ship battles.
I also have Voyages leading to the Ashen Guardians, but it’s a job for Legends only. Otherwise try bartering for or stealing an Ashen Chest!
That’s not all. The Ashen Chests are locked by Ashen Keys. I have separate Voyages to help you find those, but be warned - they’re also guarded!

Where has Duke gone?!

Duke feels that we’re underestimating the skellies. They seem far too organised. So, he’s gone to find Larinna!
She’s kind of the Bilge Rat leader, if there is such a thing. Don’t worry, you’re in safe hands with me.

Where is your… beloved?

Ah, she’s not one for rowdy taverns. She said she’s found a nice little refuge where she can work on something important.

At Castaway Isle with Masked Stranger

Dialogue icon.png

Here, have you seen what's happening at Old Boot Fort? I've been watching dark forces at work, there. more like a Fort of the Damned, now!

Fort of the Damned?! That sounds bad.

It is! I scouted it out. The fort has been twisted, somehow... turned into unhallowed ground for some dark ritual. But you can still stop it!
There are six weird statues in the Fort. Each one appears to accept a Flame of Fate. You know, from the Ferry! Six colours, six ways to die...
Once all six are lit, place a Ritual Skull on the plinth and you'll wake the fort, giving you a chance to smash the skellies and their schemes!

What don't you go and light the statues?

Ha! Because you can only get the coloured flame you need from the Ferryman's Flames of Fate. They change colour depending on how you die, right?
Then you can carry that flame back, in your lantern. Problem is... The Ferryman has a bone to pick with me. I don't dare go down there!
I did some bad things, I'll be honest. They don't call me Cuddly Jim, right? and now I fear if I end up on the Ferry, the skipper won't let me leave.

What's happening at that fort?

I scouted the place out and I think I know what's afoot. I learnt a thing or two from spending time with a certain shiny Skeleton Lord...
The skellies recently stole some Dark Relics. With those and the right ritual, you could create a kind of... window to the Sea of the Damned.
The whole place is being warped by the other world... it's like a dark mockery of the Ferryman's Portal!
No wonder those Shadow's of Fate are slipping through. If you think you can stop them, take a strout crew and do it now!

On the previously uncharted The Reaper’s Hideout

Dialogue icon.png

Hmm? Yes, I'm Stitcher Jim. Sorry, I don't remember you. So much has happened since the Shroud opened. I just want to be useful, along with my beloved.

Didn't you betray your Allliance and pin it all on Captain Morrow?!

Ah, I can't tell you how much it stings to hear it aloud... but yes, you're right. I was weak and foolish. Maybe I still am. I regret it every day.
My master had his gilded claws in me... I became blinded by greed, I stole a Box of Wondrous Secrets and peered inside! And you know what I saw?
Myself. That... was... painful, to put it lightly. I almost lost my mind. Would've died of thirst in The Devil's Roar if not for my beloved!
It took a long time to claw my way back here and regain my senses. Now, my guilt stabs at me every day like a lance. I've wasted so much time...
But this is the Sea of Thieves! Misfits of all kinds can find a place here. Duke gave me a second chance - to prove my worth and join the Bilge Rats!

What are you doing out here?

I don't think I should show my ugly mug on the Outposts until after I've earned Duke's trusts, do you?
It won't take long, though. I've helped him broker deals to sell those nasty old Rag and Bone Crates to the Seaposts. I'm good at bargaining!
Some are just disposing of them, some are turning them into soap, plant food, amulets... maybe old rubbish really can be something good?

Who's your... erm... friend?

My beloved! The flame in my heart, the stars in my sky! NO, she doesn't say much. She likes her privacy. Please don't disturb her.
She found me, broken and dying in the Devil's Roar. She rescured me, literally gave me a second chance at life. I'd do anything for her!

On Liar's Backbone

Dialogue icon.png

Hmm? Can you see it? So near, yet so far.

;What are you looking at?

The Devil's Shroud... it keeps the Sea of Thieves hidden from the outside world, but... what does it hide from us, in turn?
If we can get through, well, there are lands beyond that haven't been plundered for many, many years.
We could have a gold rush on our hands!
If only my old Alliance was still together. We'd be setting sail in earnest.

;What's out there to find?

The Devil's Roar, one of many places that the Shroud covers.
My Alliance called such places 'Forsaken Shores'. But this one is more forsaken than most, a land blighted by volcanoes and quakes!
Forget skellies. The very ground tries to kill you, there! Yet there are also riches and rare, valuable mysteries... oh, yes...
Agh. I've waited so long to get back there!

;What's that necklace you're wearing?

This? All members of the Forsaken Shores Alliance wore one. A band of pirates dedicated to finding all the regions lost to the fog.
And we were good at it. We found our way to The Devil's Roar!
But only I made it back. We were betrayed by our leader, Captain Sorrow. A pirate who spread sadness and misery wherever she goes.
She got us, one by one, in the pursuit of riches. Perhaps I'll make it back there one day and get my revenge on her!

On Liar's Backbone

Dialogue icon.png

Hmm? Can you see it? So near, yet so far.

;Grace Morrow had a lot to say about you

Grace... well, hehe, 'Sorrow' was more a nickname.
Don't believe everything she says! She's a traitor. A stone-cold murderer!
She'll say anything to shift the blame on me! Trust old Jim.
Living in the Roar has probably driven her mad! You have to believe me!

;She had a letter from you to your 'master'...

What?! A forgery! Why would I just leave something like that behind? ...huh...
Alrighty then, fine. There's no arguing with that.
Don't expect me to tell you any more, though.
I've got plans to make, if Morrow's going around telling pirates I'm a murderer.
Should've used a stronger poison...

;You can't hide from her forever.

Don't need to. I have a very big, very wealthy friend. Not that he parts with his coin easily...
And while everyone was scrabbling to explore The Devil's Roar and get the grog flowing, I was digging up my old stash.
My Box of Wondrous Secrets...right where I left it! So old Morrow can squawk all she wants. Our plans are already in motion...

(Provided by Grace during Forsaken Shores)

Dialogue icon.png

He even mentioned it in a letter. Found it a week or so later. I have it right here, look.

Read Jim's Letter

Master...the Forsaken Shores Alliance has now been exploring The Devil's Roar of months. They all trust me.
There is such untapped plunder here! I have much to add to your hoard.
And something else... as you predicted. A box of... of... wondrous secrets!
I peeked inside but it hurt my head! Who knows that forgotten lore it hides? The power to make curses... or to break them?
I'll soon deal with the others and return to you. Morrow will be harder... she's smart, she watches me. But she still has to drink...

Sticher's Sorrow[]

The full song was added as a shanty with the Haunted Shores Update. Stitcher's Sorrow can be also be found on music streaming services where Sea of Thieves soundtrack is available.

Sticher's Sorrow

The Devils Roar, a land left unexplored
The Devils Roar, the omen they ignored

And those who land upon her shore
Best write to those who they adore
Just ask the souls who came before

Those poor forgotten sailors

02:55 07-Sept-2018

Jim's Journals[]

During the Heart of Fire Tall Tale, players can find five journals that document Jim's motivations following his joining of the Bilge Rats.


Found inside Stitcher Jim's Lair on Liar's Backbone. It's in the middle of the cave, placed on a makeshift wooden shelf.

Dialogue icon.png

If my hands was large enough, I'd wring Duke's neck! What does he think he's doing, paying pirates to steal back the things I stole?!
For now, though, I've got to cosy up to him and help him flog his junk crates. Make him think I've turned over a new leaf. As if!
I mean, maybe we lost the Dark Relics we needed to resurrect you-know-who, but there's more than one way to pluck a parrot.
Once I've finished here I'll head to the wreck of the Blackwyche and scrounge around for a few 'leftovers'. Even a lock of hair'll do...
Word is, its Captain can't resist playing the hero with that magic sword of his. That means I've just got to point him to the right place.



The Second Journal is found inside Flameheart's Lair on The Devil's Thirst. This one is located in the central room with the three doorways leading to three distinct paths. The Journal nests on rocks by the middle Path of the Forsaken Flame.

Dialogue icon.png

Pendragon only went and ruddy did it! We all saw Flameheart, larger than life, letting the whole Sea of Thieves know that he's back!
Next thing I know, I'm sailing out so that I can swear my allegiance to him. Sorry, Rathbone, but Stitcher Jim's got a new master now...
Being here in the Devil's Roar puts me dangerously close to Cap'n Sorrow, but so what? She'll get hers soon enough.
The master's plan will birth the first of his new Ashen Lords, and there'll be more where that came from! All loyal to him - to US!
Everyone who ever did wrong by Stitcher Jim - Sorrow, the Bilge Rats, the Order of Souls - is about to be sorry. Very sorry indeed...



The Third Journal is found inside the Path of the Forsaken Flame behind the second door in Flameheart's Lair at The Devil's Thirst. The Journal is placed on rocks beside a pile of skulls above a lava pool in the trap room after the first Skeleton room.

Dialogue icon.png

I've been around a long time, but I've never seen a box like this one. I dunno where my beloved dug it up from, but it stinks like a crypt.
I'm actually pretty nervous. Messing around with curses is all well and good if you're the Order of Souls, but it makes my teeth itch.
What can I do, though? Master needs souls to summon his Ashen Lord, and if I want to stay in his good books, I'm the man to find 'em.
Sounds simple, but it ain't, 'cos to trap a soul in the chest I first need something that belongs to 'em, not to mention more of them Dark Relics.
Lucky for me, that trip I took to the Blackwyche has already given me everything I need...



The Fourth Journal is found inside the Path of the Eternal King behind the first door in Flameheart's Lair at The Devil's Thirst. The Journal is placed on a pile of skulls in the trap room after the first Skeleton room. The Journal is placed right before a set of swirling flame traps.

Dialogue icon.png

Now I understand why they call it a 'Chest of Rage'. I can hear the souls inside and they ain't stopped yelling and screaming, not once.
I says to 'em, it's nothing personal, just that I already had their belongings lying around from that Pendragon business.
Dunn was the easiest to find, snoring his head off at a sea post with a Splashtail in one hand and a drink in the other. He didn't even wake up!
Cavendish was next. Her Dad was the one whose soul got trapped on the Blackwyche back in the day, so bad luck must run in the family.
Rodriguez put up a fight and nearly stuck me. Too bad I'd already slipped something into her grog. Well, she don't need a stomach no more...



The Final Journal is found inside the Path of the Burning Heart behind the third door in Flameheart's Lair at The Devil's Thirst. The Journal is in the final alcove of the last trap room with spikes coming out of walls. Since this Journal is right before the exit of the third path, a player can stay by the lever and let other crewmates in the room to read the journal without completing the third path themselves.

Dialogue icon.png

I am run proper ragged! It's so hot down here I can't hardly breathe, but guess who's got to make sure all the traps are working?
I don't dare complain though. Rathbone could be scary but most of the time it was like you weren't in the room. Only his gold mattered.
When the master speaks, it's like he knows what you're thinking. He's smart. Scary smart, and he believes Pendragon will try to stop the ritual.
Well, let him try, I say! No matter how many pirate pals he brings along, they'll never make it through to me in time.
Speaking of time... I should head to the Ritual Chamber. All my hard work's finally about to pay off! Finally, Stitcher Jim gets what he deserves.