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Storage Crate
Storage Crate.png
Type Resource Crate
Cost 17,500 Gold

Storage Crates are Resource Crates used to carry and transport Resource Items.


Unlike the other Resource Crates, Storage Crates can carry every single type of Resource Item in the game and cannot be sold or acquired as part of Trade Good Commissions. As of the Legends of the Sea (Content Update), Storage Crates beached on Islands spawn with a handful of Resources.

Where to find[]

Storage Crates are also dropped by Skeleton Ships. Skeleton Ship Crates only have regular Cannonballs, Wooden Planks and Fruit in them.


They are very similar to Resource Crates in that they can be used to easily transport and carry Resources:

  • A single Storage Crate has 16 inventory spaces.
  • A single inventory space can fit up to a 99 of a single Resource Item.
  • This makes the total Storage capacity of a Storage Crate 1584 Resource Items.


  • These Crates can virtually be used as portable Barrels, making gathering supplies from Islands much easier.
  • When Fishing, these Crates can be used as Tackle Boxes to hold all of the Crew's Bait so that they don't have to fetch them from the Ship's Barrels.
  • Clever players who can hold down a crew of a Ship for longer periods of times can use a Ship's Storage Crate to load it up with all of the Ship's Supplies and throw it overboard.
  • On the flip sides, Players can save their Supplies from sinking with the Ship by loading them on to the Crates.
  • Friendly and helpful players who have a Storage Crate with them can leave all of their Ship's Resources behind on an Outpost after finishing their session for other Crews to collect.
  • Storage Crates can also be taken down into Shipwrecks to get everything from the Barrels in one go.
  • It's good way to stock up quickly for a long play session or to take down a Fort is to take the storage crate to a Large Islands and empty all the Barrels into it.