Sue is a shopkeeper in Sea of Thieves. She works in the Shipwright Shop on the Plunder Outpost which is located on the docks.


Hi! I'm Sue, sorting out shipping and pirating problems here at Plunder Outpost.

What kind of problems do you help with, Sue?
Why not see for yourself? Just come along to one of my self help groups. Monday is my novices group, knowing your capstan from your poop deck. Then on Wednesday it's 'stealing with feeling and overcoming loss'. Lastly I can offer '21 activities for those lonely nights afloat' on Fridays. Very popular, that one.
I don't know where to sail next. Any advice?
I can't answer that for you. You must listen to your heart and do what it tells you. I have some more leaflets that might help, 'Me and the right sea' and 'Fearful of Faithful?
What is the most unusual problem you've helped sort out?
Once I had a crew of Bilge Rats who all complained of a fearful itching down below. Nothing I hadn't seen before I told them, and offered to take a look. Turns out they'd been keeping their pet Rats in their trousers. Pirates, eh? Never cease to surprise me.
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