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TheGloriousSeaDog ShipwrightShop Sybil.png
Type NPC
Location The Glorious Sea Dog
Digging up chests takes them off rival's maps. Digging up and gnawing bones doesn't score any silver, but they are good for your teeth.
— Sybil, Overheard in the tavern

Sybil is the shipwright at the Shipwright Shop at The Glorious Sea Dog. She has an infatuation over dogs that is getting to her head.


Dialogue icon.png

STAY! Good pirate. Be nice and Sybil might give you a treat.

Will you treat me to a free ship part, Sybil?

Ooooo, you cheeky scamp! Can't do that, I'm afraid.
I do recommend our new Glorious Sea Dog hulls, though.
They're of the finest pedigree, with easy to scrub clean decks.
Very useful to have when those little accidents happen.

Hey, nice hammer!

It is, isn't it?
I had it specially made in the fires of The Devil's Thirst.
Lesedi reckons the Arena is going to be very popular and our Glorious Sea Dog ship parts will be in high demand.
So I need to stop talking about my hammer and get back to using it to make some more!
Once I've done I promise I'll take you for a walk.

You seem to like dogs, tell me about the dog on the tavern name above the door.

Oh, that's DeMarco's Leo!
Leopoldo is such a nice dog. Such a good boy.
I cried for days when I heard what had happened.
Snuffle...Hey, maybe you can sniff him out?