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{{quote|Explore the stories of those who live on the Sea of Thieves as you embark upon a quest for a fabled lost island.}}
{{quote|Explore the stories of those who live on the Sea of Thieves as you embark upon a quest for a fabled lost island.}}
Players embark on a grand episodic adventure to piece together the mythical [[Shroudbreaker]] Artifact and enter the [[Devil's Shroud]] to find the legendary [[Shores of Gold]].
Players embark on a grand episodic adventure to piece together the mythical [[Shroudbreaker]] Artifact and enter the [[Devil's Shroud]] to find the legendary [[Shores of Gold]].
=== Ashen Age Arc ===
=== Ashen Age Arc ===

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Tall Tales
Tall Tales.png
Type Quests
Related Tale Book
Base Gold Reward 8,000 Gold.png

Tall Tales are lengthy, story driven Quests in Sea of Thieves that are accessed via Tale Books given by various NPCs who direct players towards grand adventures to uncover secrets of The Sea of Thieves.


The Map Markers for Tale Book locations.

Tale Books

Main article: Tale Book

Tall Tales differ from other Quests and Voyages in that they need to be voted for at their respective Tale Books that are found beside specific NPCs that provide the Crew with an introduction to the Tale and its Book. The locations of Tale Books are marked on the Map Table with circular black icons that can be interacted with when the map is zoomed in to them. These Markers are enabled by default, but can be turned off in the Gameplay Settings Menu. Information on where to begin each specific Tall Tale is also noted on the "More Info" page when hovering over individual Tales in the Tall Tales tab in the Reputation Menu.

A Tale Book beside the Mysterious Stranger.

When voted for, Tall Tales appear on the Ship's Voyage Table, where Crewmembers can then vote to cancel the Tale. When Crew members have reached any Checkpoints of a Tall Tale, they can also put these Tales up for a vote at the Voyage Table that then start from these Checkpoints. Crews can have a single Voyage and Tall Tale active on the Voyage Table at one time. The Tale Book proper appears in every Player's Quest Radial Menu after they have listened to the related NPC's introduction to the Tale. When in hand, players can examine the Book closer and turn pages to read further. Tale Books lead Player Crews to their next destinations through hints and puzzles.

Quest Items

Main article: Quest Items

A Tale Book in-hand.

In addition to Tale Books, players will acquire various Quest Items during Tall Tales that help them progress in the story or solve puzzles. Quest Items often appear in the form of Trinkets, Keys and Chests that can be carried around, or in the form of Equipment that appear beside the Tale Book in the Quest Radial Menu. Most Quest Items also cannot be sold to any of the Companies, making them only useful for the Crew that is doing the specific Tall Tale. When Players lose their Quest Items, the Tale will fail and they will have to start over.

Journals & Collectibles

Every Tall Tale has 5 hidden Journals (10 for Shores of Gold) that appear in the world only when the Tale is active. These Journals are optional, giving some background story to every Tale. Every Tall Tale has a Commendation for finding and reading every Journal. The first Journals are most always around the first Islands that Players arrive at or go to. Every Journal should have a hint of the next Journal's location written in the text.

Some Tall Tales, e.g. The Seabound Soul, also have optional hidden Collectable Quest Items. These Items generally serve no larger purpose than completing a Commendation for the Tall Tale.


Every Tall Tale has a number of Checkpoints that can be acquired when reaching specific chapters or goals in a Tall Tale. These Checkpoints allow Players to leave and start the Tall Tale over again at some other time. These Checkpoints are stored in the Quest Inventory where they can be discarded. Players can put a Tall Tale Checkpoint up for a vote at the Voyage Table. Players can save one Checkpoint from every Tall Tale. Once they have unlocked another Checkpoint of the same Tale, it will be overwritten. When the Tale is completed, all Checkpoints of the Tale will be lost. Any necessary Quest Items of the Tall Tale will appear on the Voyage Table when a Checkpoint is voted for.

Tall Tales are divided into Chapters which unlock a checkpoint for the Tall Tale, allowing players to exit and resume from this Chapter of the Tale at a later time. Players will have one saved checkpoint per Tall Tale. Starting a Tall Tale from a Checkpoint must be voted upon at the Voyage Table. Tall Tale Checkpoints can be discarded in the Quest Inventory.


Tall Tales are considered complete if all the chapters have been completed. Players will receive a reward of 8000 Gold for the completion of each Tall Tale (which is also shared in Player Alliances). This reward can be affected by any reward multipliers gained from Events.

Every Tall Tale also has a handful of Commendations that unlock various themed Cosmetics when completed. They mostly reward one Cosmetic when completing the Tale for the first time and then another for completing all the related Commendations. Commendation progress and rewards can be tracked from the Reputation Menu under the individual Tall Tales tabs.

The Tall Tales

Maiden Voyage

An introductory Tale that every new Pirate has to complete to be able to set sail on The Sea of Thieves. After completion, the Maiden Voyage can be accessed from the Main Menu (a small button at the bottom right corner of the screen). The Maiden Voyage and its Commendations and Cosmetic rewards can be tracked through the Tall Tales tab in the Reputation Menu.

Icon Tale Where to start
Maiden Voyage icon.png Maiden Voyage Accessible from the the Main Menu.

Shores of Gold Arc

Icon Tale Tale Book Location Unlock Requirements
The Shroudbreaker (Quest) icon.png 1. The Shroudbreaker (Quest) Mysterious Stranger in Taverns. No requirements.
The Cursed Rogue icon.png 2. The Cursed Rogue Madame Olivia at Plunder Outpost. Requires completion of the previous Tall Tale.
The Legendary Storyteller icon.png 3. The Legendary Storyteller Tasha in the Tavern of Ancient Spire Outpost. Requires completion of The Cursed Rogue.
Stars of a Thief icon.png 4. Stars of a Thief Sudds at The North Star Seapost. Requires completion of The Cursed Rogue.
Wild Rose icon.png 5. Wild Rose Madame Olive at Sanctuary Outpost. Requires completion of The Cursed Rogue.
The Art of the Trickster icon.png 6. The Art of the Trickster Salty at the shipwreck on the eastern shore of Plunder Valley. Requires completion of The Cursed Rogue.
The Fate of the Morningstar icon.png 7. The Fate of the Morningstar Ferryman at the Ferry of the Damned. Requires completion of The Legendary Storyteller, Stars of a Thief, Wild Rose and The Art of the Trickster.
Revenge of the Morningstar icon.png 8. Revenge of the Morningstar Sandra at the Shipwright Shop of Dagger Tooth Outpost. Requires completion of the previous Tall Tale.
Shores of Gold (Quest) icon.png 9. Shores of Gold (Quest) Grace Morrow outside the Tavern at Morrow's Peak Outpost. Requires completion of the previous Tall Tale.
Shores of Gold.jpg
Explore the stories of those who live on the Sea of Thieves as you embark upon a quest for a fabled lost island.

Players embark on a grand episodic adventure to piece together the mythical Shroudbreaker Artifact and enter the Devil's Shroud to find the legendary Shores of Gold.

Ashen Age Arc

These Tales cover an ongoing Story Arc detailing the return of Captain Flameheart. They are released individually via Content Updates and can be completed in any order.

Icon Tale Where to start
The Seabound Soul icon.png The Seabound Soul Tale Book given by Sir Arthur Pendragon inside the Captain's quarters of the Blackwyche shipwreck at Shipwreck Bay.
Heart of Fire icon.png Heart of Fire Tale Book given by Tallulah at the Tavern of Morrow's Peak Outpost.

A Pirate's Life

Main article: A Pirate's Life

A Pirate's Life is a special collaboration with Disney that sends players to team up with Jack Sparrow (from Disney's The Pirates of the Caribbean) in a story campaign spanning 5 Tall Tales.


We are hard at work on developing comprehensive Walkthroughs for every Tall Tale. Currently, over half of the Tales have comprehensive Walkthroughs. If you are looking for information on how to complete specific Tall Tales, but cannot find enough information on the Wiki, we strongly recommend you check out the Rarethief Tall Tales Walkthroughs until our own articles are ready for reading!


  • Tall Tales adjust game balance based on the Crew size, scaling the difficulty of major Boss Fights. Players in Crews of three or four can force the Tale to lower the health of a boss by having all but one or two players leave the game, then have the remaining Players start the Boss fight and have everyone else rejoin the game. This can reduce a 40 minute Skeleton Lord fight down to just 10-15 minutes!
  • When Players want different Puzzles for their Tall Tale, they can vote to cancel the tale and reset the puzzle locations by voting for a Checkpoint of the Tale at the Voyage Table.
  • Tall Tale Checkpoints can be used to quickly boost Players through their 3-5 completion Commendations. Simply have a crewmember put the last Checkpoint of a Tale for vote and then leave the game before its completion. This way they will keep their latest checkpoint and allow their other crewmembers to start the Tale over at the latest stage.
  • Some Tall Tales (e.g. The Shroudbreaker) force Emergent Skeletons to spawn with the lowest health (50 hp). These skeletons will override any Voyage skeleton spawns, making, for example, Athena's Fortune Voyages much easier.
  • Various Tall Tales give Players additional benefits (e.g. ability to cross The Devil's Shroud during Shores of Gold) or interesting Quest Items (e.g. the Morningstar Set Clothing during Revenge of the Morningstar) when active, making it beneficial to keep Checkpoints of each Tale saved for other Voyages.

Patch History

  • Tall Tale Checkpoints – From the original Shores of Gold series to the more recent releases of ‘The Seabound Soul’ and ‘Heart of Fire’, all Tall Tales now allow you to save progress and pick up where you left off. Completing a Chapter automatically saves a checkpoint. Lost a Tale item in a surprise Kraken encounter? Met a ruthless crew of Reapers? Or just want to play through at your own pace? Resume from your checkpoint and carry on!
  • Quest Inventory – The Voyage Inventory has been replaced with a new Quest Inventory, storing Voyages and Tall Tale Checkpoints separately. The new Tall Tale Checkpoint tab can now hold one Checkpoint Voyage per Tall Tale, whereas the Voyage Tab remains unchanged.
  • Ship’s Map Markers – When ‘Show Tall Tales on Map Table’ is active, players can now hover over a Tall Tale icon on the ship’s Map which offers a prompt (360 Y.png on console and Keyboard White Mouse Right.png on PC) to pop out a Voyage card displaying key information and where to begin.
  • Tall Tales Gold Reward – Completing any Tall Tale will now reward players with increased gold amounts! Players will now earn 8000 gold instead of the previous reward of 3000 gold.