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MorrowsPeakOutpost Tavern Tallulah.png
Type NPC
Location Morrow's Peak Outpost
Voice Actor Elexi Walker

Tallulah is a Tavernkeep at The Charred Parrot tavern on Morrow's Peak Outpost.


Dialogue icon.png

I'm Tallulah, keeper of The Charred Parrot. Bet you've worked up a mighty thirst out there!

;What's it like running a tavern here?

It's an adventure, of course! I like the change of scenery.
And the heat makes everyone thirsty, so I make a fortune.
Though, I do have to pay more to get my stock from the Merchant Alliance.
Danger money? Ha! The volcanoes only hurt you if they hit you.
People should look up more.

;Why is this called The Charred Parrot?

Are you sure you want to know?
Look, there's a lot of lava around here.
And I arrived on a ship with a resident parrot...
Don't worry, he's fine! Just a little less feathery.

;Got any house specials?

I'm working on a cocktail called 'Pina Colava', but it still melts through the tankard.
Otherwise I only have what Matilda from the Merchant Alliance can ship here.
My main issue is keeping the grog cool!