Tanya is the tavern owner and bartender at The Drowned Rat Tavern in the Plunder Outpost. She doesn't sell any items (or grog) but players can refill their Tankard and drink up.


I'm Tanya, the manager here.

Which of your grogs do you recommend?
I've only got one, it's called 'Chapman's Old Bilge Sniffer'. No need to mess around with choice. Besides, I get a good deal on it because of its unusual taste. Most of the drunken oafs in here don't seem to notice.
Can I see the food menu please, Tanya?
No, you can't. I don't do food here, because I can't water it down like the grog. Less talk about food, more about drinking. Want a Bilge Sniffer?
I've got a business idea for you. Why not charge for water?
I like your thinking! Perhaps I should also charge gold to come in, then serve up fizzy grog in fancy tankards at ridiculous prices? Do you really think customers would be that gullible?
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